The Sky rained blood when Imam Hussain was killed

It is reported that when Imam Hussein (Peace be upon him) was killed not only the residents of the heavens wept for him, but also the skies cried and wept blood for his martyrdom. This is reported not only in Shi’a books but also in most important Bakri (Sunni) references:

On the day of al-Hussein’s (Peace be upon him) martyrdom, the sky rained blood”. See: Thakhaa’er al-Uqba pp144, 145, 150. Al-Sawaa’eq al-Muhriqah pp116, 192.

There was not a stone which was not lifted but underneath it blood was found”. See: Al-Sawaa’eq al-Muhriqah pp116, 192. Tathkirat-ul-Khawaas p 284, Tafsir ibnKathir vol. 9,p162.

There are many more traditions and references in this respect, and it should be noted that the skies everywhere wept blood for Imam Hussein(Peace be upon him).

Here is another report quoted, which was based in Britain that indicates the skies wept blood for Imam Hussein (Peace be upon him) everywhere:

685. In this year in Britain it rained blood, and milk and butter were turned into blood”. see: The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, Translated, edited by G.N. Garmonsway, Professor of English, King’s College,London.

The year 685ad is the same year which Imam Hussein (Peace be upon him) was martyred in.

The entire anglo-saxon chronicle is maintained online at

I used to live in England for 6 years. Lots of lamb over there. Was he the one that talked to the lamb’s leg? :confused:

Jay29, in that year, the Prophet’s grandson Hussain (PBUH & HF) was slain by the river Euphrates.

Hussein was killed in England?

Who was the one that talked to the Lamb’s leg?

This source seems to indicate that Hussein ibn Ali was killed in 680 AD, not 685 AD.

No, he was slain by the River Euphrates in modern day Iraq, in the year 685AD. Muslim traditions state the skies all over rained blood for his sake. I found it interesting that in the same year, the anglo-saxon recorded blood raining in England.

What do you make of this, coincidence?

that was Muhammad while eating a poisoned lamb its leg spoke to him to warn him:).

That it seems to be a complete coincidence due to the fact that Hussein was killed in battle some 5 years previously.

did he die in 685 or 680?

What rained blood? Kerbala or the whole world or where exactly?

my mistake, it was 680 not 685

A. D. 744.-This year a red crucifix appeared in the heavens
after sunset." (Flor. WNor. and in Anglo-Sax. Chron., under
A.D. 743.)

Will the Shia accept this Anglo-Saxon report?

So it bears little, if any, relevance? OK, glad we got that mystery solved :smiley:

ok :slight_smile:

I don’t understand what you mean by this. Are you just siting a coincidence or trying to convert Catholics?

I don’t think this makes any contradiction of the Catholic faith. A faithful Muslim who lives for God is still a saint just not a canonized Saint. :thumbsup:

Well, as I have pointed out, the Bible talks about lying signs and wonders.

In the name of Allah , Most Gracious, Most Merciful

when Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) died , there was no rain blood ; when Prophet’s uncle Hamza (ra) was killed & non-believers cutted his body , ate his liver , sky did not rained blood. So , why such claim about Prophet’s grandson ?

Showing tooo much respect that may lead one to commit shirk —we must be careful about that.

Prophet (pbuh) warned us not to overpraised him as Christians did about Jesus (pbuh). We must not overpraise Imam Hussain also ( may Allah be pleased with him )

WHEW! :coolinoff: is that all? I get nervous when I hear a muslim speak of “raining blood”! As in “run for your lives!”

I see, so it does not matter what god he lives for?
What about Christ? We need Him for our salvation or not?
I would like to point out to you that the Spirit of the Koran was a Spirit that said, on behalf of the god allah:

  • I am not triune
  • Jesus is not Lord
  • cursed be those who believe Jesus is Lord
  • Jesus did not die on the cross
  • Israel is not my chosen people
  • Muhammad is the seal of prophets (while the NT-Christ says John the baptist markes the end of that kind of prophets).

So, do you believe in the Holy Spirit that inspired the Judeo-Christian revelation, or the spirit who spoke in Muhammad?
You cannot say “both” because that would be totally illogical and self contradictory.
Do you believe Jesus is essential for salvation or have you abandoned the Bible?

A faithful Muslim… a saint… so do you also think a faithful wiccan or a faithful Baal’an or a faithful other idolater would be saved on their faithfulness to foul gods?

I dont get it…

:slight_smile: don’t worry, were not “those” muslims

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