The slaughter of Middle Eastern Christians - POLL

Should the US intervene in any way to aid the Christians who are being persecuted in the middle east?

Please explain.

since we created the problem, it is our responsibility to help in any way we can. not just for christians, but for all who are being persecuted. problem is, it’s such a mess, who knows if what we do is helping or hurting?

Yes they need to, not only for the Christians but for the people there in general. The area is being swarmed by radical and extremists that are tormenting everyone.

If Iraq and any other local governments are unable to protect and care for the people affected, we along with other nations should have offered our help quite some time ago. I think this holds true for other regions being affected by these thuggish gangs committing such atrocities.

Yes we should intervene. My reasoning: Murder is bad. If it gets to the point where local governments can’t control it (or won’t), such slaughter is bad enough that these governments should seek help doing so. If they can’t contain it and won’t seek help (or just don’t care), then that demonstrates that they’re bad governments that don’t have the best interests of their citizens in mind, and this issue is severe enough that others should put a stop to it anyway.

Or in short, sometimes a world police is necessary.

I voted “no” because I think the leadership we have is incapable of doing so correctly. I think someone should intervene severely and decisively. This administration does not have the will or the ability to get the job done.

The question is, would intervention be a just war according to the Just War Doctrine?

Interesting. What are the criteria for a war to be just?

Pope Francis already publicly stated that action to stop IS would be justified.

The US has been bombing IS for weeks assisting the ground troops of the Kurds, and the past few days of the Iraqi government.
Wouldn’t you call that intervention??


i thought the question was moral philosophy.

Here is a document from Catholic Answers which talks about the Just War Doctrine:

I know he has. But he did not say that a war would be just, did he?

That said, I completely agree with him that IS needs to be stopped and that it would be justified to stop IS. But if war is needed to stop them then the war should be just, right?

I think we get confused as to what “war” is. To me, it is when a ruling entity or government seeks to cause harm or kill a group of people. “War” can be as obvious as tanks and bombs or as subtle as economic sanctions that can indeed starve or kill a population. I think the Pope, by advocating any action, declared it just.

I am glad that Pope Francis declared stopping Islamic State to be just. I also believe it is just. I am just confused as to whether it would be a Just War or not. As far as I can tell from the document I linked from Catholic Answers, it is up to governments to decide whether or not a war is just but they should still abide by the principles of the Just War Doctrine.

Personally, I do believe that war is necessary to get rid of Islamic State and that saddens me. But as Pope Francis said, there must be a stop put to Islamic State’s evil actions. They are committing genocide and ethnic cleansing. They must be stopped. If war is necessary for that then I’ll support it.

war is a difficult question for those of us who are Christ followers and called to be peacemakers.

Father John Hardon’s Modern Catholic Dictionary:

JUST WAR. Armed conflict between nations that is morally tolerated on certain conditions. These conditions, first stated by St. Augustine, have become classic in Catholic moral teaching. In order for a war to be just, it must be on the authority of the sovereign, the cause must be just, the belligerents must have a right intention, and the war must be waged by “proper means.” The “just cause” means that a nation’s rights are being violated by an actual or at least imminent attack; that other means of preventing aggression, e.g., diplomacy or embargo, have been tried and failed or would be useless; and that there is a proportion between the foreseen evils of conflict and the hoped for benefits of engaging in war.

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