The Smallest Prayers Grow Faith the Biggest

I was just playing a video game called Mount and Blade: Warband and my army was getting defeated by the bad guys. I asked God to help my army win if it was His will. A very weak farmer on my side managed to defeat a bandit 1 vs 1. I was surprised, and in effect my faith was strengthened.

Lately my faith has been weak; However, this little incident in the game has made my faith stronger. Who could have guessed? :slight_smile:

Does anyone else have similar stories?

Having faith in sainthood is possible, instead, it explains the liberality of Catholic moral theology. With this in mind, do not limit your prayers, sky is the limit, reality is the proof. Best regards.

I can’t believe you base the strength of your faith on the winning of a video game. I shouldn’t post on this, but I find it annoying. Also, you had mentioned in a recent post that when you pray you pray “fast.” While God hears all prayers don’t you think you could put a little more thought/time into your prayer? You just make me wonder…sigh. Peace.:frowning:

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