The Society of St. Pius X

I currently attend a chapel of the Society of St. Pius X. I recently did research to find out about their validity. The only statement by the Holy See I have been able to find is the Ecclesia Dei. Does anyone know of any more recent information? Thank you.

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No this is the latest. SSPX is currently excommunicated, although there are discussions going on to bring them back into communion with the CHurch. There is speculation that the recent reported efforts of Pope Benedict to revive the Latin rite may be part of this effort.

The news I know of is 1 million rosaries for the Holy Father, other than that, i haven’t heard any other news. If i do, I’ll keep you posted. ( if i remember )

The Catholic faithful are not supposed to support SSPX in any way, especially not attending their Masses. Attending an SSPX Mass on a Sunday does not fulfill the Sunday obligation.

maybe that will change with the Holy Father’s new thing about the TLM?

That won’t change anything because SSPX is in schism. For the faithful to be allowed to attend an SSPX Mass the SSPX will have to admit their disobedience to the Pope, repent and submit to Rome. Once they are in full communion with Rome (we pray SSPX will come to their senses) you can attend their Masses.

Agreed. They were not excommunicated for celebrating the TLM, it was for the illicit ordination of Bishops.


Let’s be precise. The entire society is not excommunicated, only Archbishop Lefebreve and the four bishops (I think they ordained one more, so that’s five). The priests are suspended ad divinis and their masses are illicit (confessions and marriages are invalid, except in emergencies). The faithful are cautioned against the grave sin of schism by frequenting their masses.

i wonder something, when this is done sometime i think in november, will the pope be celebrating the Tridentine Mass? or does he anyways?

They are also cautioned that “formal adherence to the schism is a grave offence against God and carries the penalty of excommunication decreed by the Church’s law.” Ecclesia Dei, (5), ©]

Yes, I know. I’m not a supporter of the SSPX.

I know you’re not. I was just pointing out that the excommunications go beyond the bishops to anyone who is engaged in “formal adherence to the schism.”

Thank you all. I went to a novus ordo mass today, instead of SSPX. I just dont think I an handel it. I’m going to try though. I just love TLM so much, but not enough to go to a licit mass. I really dont know what to do. Does anyone have advice about how I might go about getting a novus ordo church to say the TLM once on Sundays?

Look for a parish in your area who has a TLM mass. They are few and far between, but they do exist. I’m lucky to have a parish within 30 mintues driving distance from me. You might try contacting your diocese to find out which parish that might be.

Sadly there is not one. I wish there was though. I cant find a church in the state that says it.

Bishop David Konstant of Leeds felt that the Latin Mass was a threat, so he only allowed one mass a year, at a crematorium, and with no publicity. So basically only Latin Mass society members attended.

However he retired, and Bishop Arthur Roche, the new bishop, has a much more positive attitude. My parish priest is on a rota to say Tridentine Mass on 31 December. I will probably attend.

The way to persuade a bishop to ban Tridentine Masses is to be antagonistic and claim that Novo Ordo is not a valid Mass. The way to persuade him to be more positive will differ, but he’s got to feel that this is something which will not set the political right against the political left.

I am not SSPX, heck I don’t even attend the Latin Mass (though I wish there were an indult near my home), but sometimes I wish people would quit bashing the SSPX.

The Eastern Orthodox are not only schismatic, they are heretics in that they reject the authority of the Roman Pontiff completely and they reject the last FOURTEEN Ecumenical Councils of the Church and all doctrinal developments since the split in 1051 A.D., yet the Church, even the Vatican itself, FAWNS over these people, even going so far, in the Balamand Declaration, to declare that EO’s have no need to convert to the Catholic Church for their salvation, something unprecedented in Church history.

In light of that, bashing the SSPX seems a tad hypocritical to me.
I think we all have better things to do.
God bless all,
Jaypeeto4 (aka Jaypeeto3)

Isn’t it a bit harsh to call them heretics for holding on to the faith they had always known?

No, a rose by any other name is still a rose.

Be patient. Find a good parish in your area that celebrates the Liturgy well. We have a few here in my Archdiocese and people will drive for hours to get there. Soon, if all rumors are true you will probably see a few licit Tridentine Liturgies around in a few months - or at least they will be in the planning stages.

Sometimes, as in my own Archdiocese, they are not allowed to publicize so they can be hard to find. I would suggest speaking to a good priest who would be willing to point you in the right direction. You may even try calling the Diocesan Offices as they should have that information handy - but usually a good priest is a better resource.

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