should we be singing amazing grace in a catholic church. just wondering if anybody out there has ever listened to the words. we sing it at mass all the time. it’s in our hymn book. it refers to not receiving grace till we first believe, which would go against what we believe at baptism. it also refers to once saved always saved… another song that is sung sometimes is “mary did you know”, which also has a line in it that goes against catholic teaching. it states the son that you just had would soon deliver you. jesus did deliver her but it was at her conception. this is stating she hasn’t been delivered yet. any thoughts?

sorry i put this in the wrong thread.i’ll go to apologetics.


I m a strong believer in god, I think he is teaching are about love and not hate. But I dont look for fault everywhere in and outside the church. I mean I love the song, it touches me deaply and I believe it expresses love. why do u have to pick apart everything and find fault?

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