The Songs That Lift You Up

I have noticed that since catholics and protestants have different styles of what is to be considered worship we have different tastes in music also… I have never thought that there are artists out there who are considered ‘anti-catholic’ but according to some people there are. I can’t remember the names of the artist as they are ones I had never heard of but they are considered ‘anti-catholic’ all the same.

Do you have artists that you LOVE and ones that you, um, couldn’t care less for? These could be christian or otherwise… What makes them anti-catholic (if this is what you claim)?

The reason this comes to mind is the fact that I am recording a song right now that started out as a prayer and I wouldn’t want anyone to be offended by it. Please, check it out…


I am really interested to hear what you think on this subject… :slight_smile:

I had a look at the lyrics, looks fine to me. Thanks for thinking of us anyway (-:

I’m guessing here (don’t listen to that much Christian music), but I think the most common thing that would make a Christian song anti-Catholic is when the lyrics put forward the Protestant belief that you can be ‘saved’ from the moment you first believe and after that no sin that you commit could lose you salvation. There’s probably a lot of other Protestant beliefs which are opposite to what Catholics teach that get put forward in songs. And then there are probably some who straight out diss the Church (doing that would better fit the description “anti Catholic”), although I can’t say I’ve heard any doing that yet. There are some secular artists (especially some heavy metal bands and rap artists) who are quite offensive to us but then again most of them are insulting or speaking against Christianity or God in general so you would be just as offended as us!

Oh and by the way, of course there are artists that I love and some that I can’t stand, I’m pretty sure everyone has some of those. I can’t stand Simple Plan! Their lyrics are 100% complaining, the singer’s voice is annoying, the guitarist uses boring chords, the bassist and drummer don’t even try to pretend that they are doing something cool. On the other hand, I love the band Led Zeppelin. Got no idea what the lyrics are about half the time (they have lots of mythological references and stuff though) but the music sounds terrific.

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