The Soul in Catholic Scripture


He’s wrong.
God is eternal. The soul is perpetual.


Remember God is also infinite. His being eternal is not separate from that. Everything is included in this infinite eternality including the soul. And how are we to experience this without the soul? Are we agreeing to the idea that we need to wait until we die to experience God, to go to heaven, to have salvation? This is a God of the living, not the dead. He came that we may have LIFE. Waiting until we’re dead to go to heaven is a misunderstanding and a huge mistake.

God is right here and now in this exact instant. The Alpha and Omega is the negation of time. And how can we experience that which is timeless by waiting in time? Without the soul, which includes the body, the mind, and the personality, we cannot experience God while we’re alive. This is exactly how the enemy likes it because it guarantees we will not enter the Kingdom and experience the fullness of life that is our birthright. The soul is our natural inheritance, our priceless treasure, yet we seem to think very little of it. The enemy is really good at what it does.


Could you expand upon this concept?
Are you arguing an individual can attain heaven during his lifetime while still existing in this life?


Correct. That is what the soul is for. Heaven, God, salvation are meant to be experienced EXACTLY while we are alive so that we know God is real. Then we are able to live a lot more fully and with much less fear. The soul is there so that we might have life in all its abundance and fullness. That’s what the soul is all about.

When we were children we were very close to this part of us. Around 12 or 13 years old we lose connection with the soul and identify with the personality. This is an accumulation of self images, who we take ourselves to be. We believe in this personality so intensely and hardly question it. It’s a false identity. Our true identity is the soul.

Fully understanding the enemy (the personality) in its entirety requires penetrating ourselves deeply through many layers until we come to the point where we understand every single reason why and how we’ve taken on and adopted this identity and turned our backs on the young innocent part of us. It’s a lifelong process of depth psychology that has to become the number one thing in one’s life. It requires overcoming the instinct for survival.

All we have to do is get close to the soul. If we do much as graze it we will be healed from unconscious lack of self worth and many more things we don’t even realize are wrong. If we can only touch the hem of his robe. We become awakened to our own divinity and are reborn to the child-like part of us. This is what the raising of Lazarus points to only WE are the ones being resurrected from our spiritual deadness. We are the ones who forgot that our natural innocence still survives deep within us. We remember the purity of innocence with which we were born which we enjoyed in our youth. It’s a magical part of us that is itself God, heaven, salvation only we weren’t conscious enough as children to know it. Now we have the chance to find out about it as adults and realize the supremeness of the true self.


So, would you make the argument that the physicality of the human body is a hinderance for attaining heaven? In other words, the human body is something that blocks us from heaven?


Yes, in a way. It’s the belief that we are no more than the body and the mind. The personality is who we THINK we are but it’s an imitation of something much much bigger and better than one can imagine. Getting to heaven is more of an uncovering rather than an outward reaching. It’s a matter of realizing heaven is already here in this timeless moment and we are one with it. It’s a peeling away of the layers of the personality to uncover what was already there in the first place. It is treacherous and only possible because of the soul. That is how we know the soul is God; Because all things are possible with God.

The soul is a state of timelessness that never left us since the day we were born. It is joy, perfection, love, forever suspended. The purity of these qualities are of another order. It penetrates every single possible spot in the universe, untainted forever. It’s been here the whole time right under our noses. We’re so caught up with making sure we have a successful life that we miss out on the fact that on an unconscious level we are really just trying to get the FEELING that success will bring us. That feeling comes from within. Same with self worth, heaven, salvation. They are all found inside us.


Would you believe the goal of an individual is to die and, thus, attain heaven? (What I am asking is would you subscribe to the argument that an individual must separate from the human body in order to attain heaven?) And that the body is what keeps an individual from attaining heaven?


No, I think death is a transition. The realest part of us can’t ever be separate from God because God is infinite. So a separation can’t really occur. I don’t have all the answers but I know separation is not it.

What I do know is that heaven has already been accomplished right here and now in this exact moment. There is no where to go looking for the Kingdom except exactly where we are. We ARE ONE with heaven. As soon as we think we need to do something to accomplish salvation and go to heaven we’ve missed it. And yes, we don’t realize heaven because the personality is standing in the way. I think this is the abomination of desolation. It’s symbolic.


Do you not believe in an eternal punishment, such as hell (which would require separation from God and man)?

Do you believe heaven is a state where one can melt in and out of while still existing in this world? And, do you believe heaven is a state of being in this life or it is another life after our earthly life is over?


I was Catholic and feared hell too. Once I found out the truth for myself I realized there is absolutely no fear in God whatsoever. Not the tiniest fragment can survive in the presence of God. This is what is meant by the purity of a virgin. The purity of God’s love is of a higher order that quickly and easily casts away doubt, anxiety, fear. It is literally omnipotence in itself.

Fear comes from the collective personality which conditions us to fear punishment. It is a tool for controlling behavior. That’s not necessarily a bad thing because we can’t just go around doing whatever we want. But we often aren’t aware of how fear carries over into our adult spiritual lives and controls us. There is only one master and if fear is controlling us then we know it’s not coming from God.

Hell is a projection of our own belief in separation from God. It is a delusion because nothing can separate from what’s infinite. The idea of hell is an outward manifestation of the hell and fear inside of us. It is a concept of our own making. It comes from the personality but we don’t understand the personality is not actually real. We just think it is. Fear is not real either. We unconsciously give it power by agreeing to play into the systems the collective personality has developed.

Take money for example. We first have to agree that money has value even though it’s just paper and metal. We just buy into it because we don’t think we have a choice. Then we have phrases such as money is the root of all kinds of evils which is true but it’s not the entire truth. The other half of the equation is that the LACK of money operates in the background to control us. It’s the fear of lack of money, the fear of going to hell, that dominates almost everything we do. This fear does not come from God but from the personality.

No, heaven, God and salvation are all one thing that exists in this present moment. It’s only a matter of spiritually awakening to the timelessness of the soul and realizing heaven is all there is. It is reality in itself. One must fully understand every single reason why they believe otherwise and choose not give power to fear despite enormous barriers. Also, the state of the soul is non-judgment. It’s unconditional. The personality has a difficult time comprehending this because judgment has been deeply ingrained in civilization and it’s difficult to imagine life without it. We have good vs bad and feel the need to side with one or the other. We think we know what’s right and best in every situation. But judgment is our downfall. It does much to block the awareness of the Kingdom.

Remember when you were a child? That is how the Kingdom feels. That child-like state is often neglected in favor of the systems of the collective personality and we live our lives with the feeling that something is wrong but we just don’t know what. It’s the burial and rejection of the soul, the discounting of our own self worth. It’s painful and has caused much war. Please let’s not knowingly make things worse by not saying anything. We need to stand up and speak out about this. It’s not only for our own well being but for the well being of humanity.


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