The souls of Aborted & Miscarried Babies

I understand that the Church uses the term “limbo” to describe what happens to unbaptized babies when they die. This means that although they suffer no punishment, they are not fully in the presence of God in Heaven (if that is what the “beatific vision” is), right? Does this mean that we believe there is some level of closeness to God that they do have? How do these babies fit into the communion of saints? Can they be called saints? Can we pray to them, and can they pray for us?

We have to reconcile two things:

  1. Babies are not guilty of personal sin and therefore are not deserving of punishment
  2. Without sanctifying grace we cannot see God.

The only way we know that a baby’s soul receives sanctifying grace is through baptism. But God is not limited as we are. There may be ways known only to him that allow babies who die before baptism to go to heaven. We must entrust these babies to our all-just, merciful and loving God.
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