The Southern Vampire Mysteries (AKA True Blood)

Anyone else a fan of the book series, The Southern Vampire Myteries? It’s the series that the show True Blood is based on. I’ve been reading the series for about a month and just love it. I’m a fan of vampire stories. Yes, I even enjoy Twilight, but I admit, that series is very poorly written and the charactors do get on my nerves more than anything.
This series though is in my opinion very well written and I love the charactors. I especially enjoy the charactors of Eric and Sookie. I’ve wanted to watch the show forever, but we don’t get HBO, and I just don’t want to pay $50 for the dvd’s. I’ve tried to rent it a few times, but their always out:P
Anyone else read the books or watch the show?

I love the books! The show I watch but is not like the books at all. There is a LOT of stuff that is typical for HBO. I would just stick to the books.

Love the book series. Love the TV series too, but dang, it definitely borders on soft-porn at times. Typical HBO, but I will say that the partial nudity is used according to plot, not gratuitiously thrown in for shock value. The sex scenes serve a purpose in moving the story along and developing characters. Still, if you are uncomfortable with R movies in the theatre, this is way more racy (revealing). My husband and I will not watch the DVDs with the kids around and they’re both over 18.

Regarding the books, I love the Eric in there over the Eric they’re developing in the TV series, but Sookie truly is an interesting character. Love her boldness, her determination, her loyalty.
Didn’t care for the last book, however, it seemed pieced together and the sex scene thrown in just because.

With 2 TV seasons wrapped up and the 3rd currently airing, given the last book plot I’ve resigned myself to separating the two mediums. They’re definitely going it different paths, but the TV series is remaining true to character development. It’s the storyline details that are not in sync. Given that, stick with the books.

HUGE FAN HERE. I read them all in two weeks…couldn’t put them down once I started. The story started to fizzle after the first 3 books then picked up again in the last two. Love the series. The actor who plays Erik is a major hunk too…wow. The guy who plays Bill is just so so. The actress who plays Sookie is very good. Read the volume of short stories as well…cool read. Mary Janice Davidson has a good series too starting with Undead and Unwed…love the humor.

What are the short stories? Are they listed inside one of the Sookie books? Are they tied to the series or are they short stories written by the author separate from the Stackhouse set?

On books 7 now. My mom is starting to complaine that I’m not getting anything done, that I have my nose in a book all day (and I’m 25, lol). Once I start a good series it’s very hard for me to stop.
I’ll probably try the tv series, and maybe fast forward thought the “naughty” parts. I must say, from what I see of the pictures, they picked a great guy for Eric. I hate sounding like some boy crazy girl (because I’m not), but that guy is hot! And I agree, the guy they picked for Bill is so so. But then again, Bill in the books doesn’t really capture my attention.
For those that do watch the show, is Bubba’s charactor in it? I love that charactor, he’s so funny.
I’ll be interested to see who they get to play Quinn in the later seasons.

No, he is not in it. I forget why they decided not to include him, but Lafayette stays in the show and is one of the best characters! No kidding! This season there doesn’t seem to be as much nudity, but that first season was over the top. Still, I was really happy that last week when I was camping, they didn’t have a new episode.

Not to give anything away but I’ll be interested to see what they do with Sookie’s interesting family. Just a clue was given at the end of season two. I’m not saying anymore…:wink:

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