The Spanish Inquisition

Since many here keep talking about the Spanish Inquisition, I thought I’d add for people to read David Goldstein’s 1943 book. This clears up the many lies that have been formed over the years regarding the Spanish Inquisition and the church. This man of Jewish faith also converted to Catholicism. Please see:


This seems to be a work of apologetics rather than a serious historical study.

The people here who like to bring up the Holy Inquisition are probably justified, and at the same time they might remind themselves that fanaticism exists in their traditions too.

There are crazy people who are motivated by all sorts of stuff. If folks want to compare atrocities, we could be here for weeks.

Yeah, even in my atheist days I never held to the thought that religion is the root of all evil. I saw the common denominator in all human atrocities as humans themselves. But then, I did have humanist leanings!

I can’t help thinking of Monty Python when I read this topic.
Sorry, I have nothing useful to add.


Protestants love to quote “the Inquisition”…but which one? There were several throughout history!

But it is true that people were horribly tortured under the inquisition. They were charged with various heresies, for example the heresy of being a Greek Orthodox Christian.

The Spanish Inquisition by Henry Kamen gives a scholarly and unapologetic look at the Spanish Inquisition.

The abuses of power were horrible, but the myths “quoted” by many in and out of the Church are ridiculous.

I would not use anything that author used to convince me of anything. His main goal is generally to convert Jews and he is hardly a historian. He clears up nothing. THe Catholic Encyclopedia’s article is much more informative and accurate, even if I might disagree with some of it.

I think the facts of the inquistions are horrible in their reality. Apparently anti-Catholics don’t think they’re quit as horrible as I do. .

If they have to inflate the numbers, they obviously think that what really happened wasn’t so bad. I guess we have different standards. :slight_smile:

One person quoted a number of people killed that was larger than the entire population of Europe!

Well, don’t ignore the fact that the Greek Orthodox also tortured Roman Catholics and Latin-rite communities in their areas.

Yes it is true that the Inquisition in its various guises did torture people. But I think it is also important to keep in mind that so did secular authorities with respect to those who were considered responsible of secular crimes. Torturing suspects was a practice that went back to Roman Law.

Does this excuse the practice? Heck no, but it is, I think, important to keep it in historical context.

I think it is also important to keep in mind that for most, in the late medieval and the early modern period, religious identity was considered every bit as important as we would consider national identity today. What is our general position on those who claim to be Americans but in fact actually promote the agenda of a foreign (possibly and enemy) state?


and religion is but a human product: christianity, islam, hinduism, paganism, etc.

And atheism comes from God?

Logically, your bible God is an atheist. He believes there is no higher power.

That would be the doctrine of someone other than God.

If God were an atheist, He would believe that He Himself does not eixst. That makes no sense whatsoever.

just because he believes himself as god? isnt it you christians who say that “for the Atheist, he becomes God in his own eyes”.

The difference being that God created the universe, whereas all that the atheist has done is create a big ego.

…a very authoritative source on all things Jewish and Spanish, in Spain, New Spain, the Spanish Empire, Mexico and New Mexico!

Lots of info in the General Articles and Links.

One of the most striking things about kicking out the Jews and Moors is the destruction of the banking system in Spain, the loss of thousands of brilliant people in commerce, finance, architecture, medicine, philosophy, crafts, literature…which helped slowly slide Spain into a cultural depression which lasted for hundreds of years–Spain has revived only after Franco, in the last few decades.

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