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Hey everyone. I’m noticing with every amazing thing the Pope has been saying people keep mentioning, “the spanish inquisition” as a defense against the Church. I know nothing of it, but what should I know, what do most Atheists believe about it and what do I say to defend the Church when it’s mentioned?

You could respond with the fact that the Spanish Inquisition was not a Catholic inquisition. It was a secular inquisition run by the monarchs of the Spanish empire.

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So what exactly happened and why do people point to the CC about it?

Once the Spanish had rid Spain of the conquerers, non-Catholics were banned from Spain–the Jews had apparently helped the Moslems. Converts to the Catholic faith were permitted to stay.

As a result some who were enemies of the Spainsh regime made a show of converting and stayed in Spain, but worked against the Spanish government. The Spanish Inquisition was set up by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella to deal with these people, who were enemies of the state.

First, you must always remember two things:

  1. Some of the accusations are true.
  2. Most of them are not.

The legends of the Inquisition were written during the era when England and Spain were battling for naval supremacy and global trade. The capitalist market was thought to be a zero-sum game at that time. Protestant propagandists from England fostered the stories of the Inquisition to hurt Catholic Spain while conveniently passing over similar events and the witch trials held in England and elsewhere.

Here is some background information:

Articles on the Inquisition

The Inquisition

An Inquisition Primer
By Robert P. Lockwood

Secrets of the Spanish Inquisition Revealed
By Robert P. Lockwood

A New Look At the Spanish Inquisition
by Edward O’Brien

I recommend you listen to Professor Madden’s Modern Scholar series on the Inquisition. The last lecture is on how the inquisition myth began. The real inquisition was not anything like the myth.

Here is an old CA Live program on the Inquisition:

Here is another article.
Also, see the BBC video at the end in English ( with Spanish Subtitles).
Unlike previous accounts which are usually based on Protestant propaganda, the Black Legend, the English - British Broadcasting Company’s - account is based on factual records.
If Download speed is a problem, replay the video a second time, as it will be cached in memory.

** The Spanish Inquisition
**The Full Story


Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition…

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Read Henry Kamen’s, The Spanish Inquisition: A Historical Revision.

I’m almost certain that he was an atheist.

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Just reading the reviews of the book and Amazon and other websites was an education.


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