The Spirituality of the Psalms


THE SPIRITUALITY OF THE PSALMS, written by Carroll Stuhlmueller, and published by Liturgical Press, was suggested to me by my Spiritual Director last October. As a 1221 Penitent, our suggested daily prayer centers on the Liturgy Of The Hours. And the bedrock of the LOTH is the 150 Psalms, spread out over 4 weeks.

All this can be quite daunting if you do not have a thorough background on the Psalms, and I didn’t. So Brother Jackson suggested this book as a start of a lifelong study commitment.

Yes, it helped me out quite a bit by explaining some aspects of the psalms that were obscure to me. I’m not going to say much about this 200 page book, other then to note that Chapter 10 was titled “Cursing and Reconciliation”, a discussion of those psalms with problem passages.

Yes, those Psalms. The ones with verses deleted in the LOTH. But should they be? Can we try to at least undertsand them? Carroll gives a fascinating look at these Psalms, and a way to make them a part of the living Psalter without apologizing for them.

All in all, a good book to start with as far as I am concerned. Reccommended for those looking for a startuing book on intigrating the Psalms into your prayer life


Thank you very much :thumbsup:

I will be getting this book and especially for:

“Cursing and Reconciliation”, a discussion of those psalms with problem passages.

At times I have overwhelming problems with these passages.



the PBS Masterpiece Contemporary broadcast of God on Trial, which dramatizes the story of several Auschwitz prisoners who did conduct such a proceeding, has a beautiful exposition and debate on the very issue of the imprecatory psalms and the vengeful OT God in general. I highly recommend the program on many levels, this included.

I wall also be looking for book recommended. Another that has helped me is Singing in the Reign


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