The SSPX (without a flamewar)

  1. What’s the SSPX’s current canonical status?

  2. If that current status is one of separation, what’s holding them back from full communion? Why won’t they join the FSSP or a similar order?

(Please, be civil. I’d like to see this thread stay alive for a bit.)

I'm an SSPX'er, ask me anything!

Are you taking wagers on how long before the thread gets locked? :rofl:


Hey, it’s worth a shot.

I may well call in to Catholic Answers Live if this gets locked.


Probably not a bad idea…


I heard a lot of the SSPX don’t believe in dinosaurs and think the world is 3,000 years old. Not sure how true that is.


Thanks, but the SSPX believing in a Young Earth or whatever really has no difference on their canonical status or reason for not unifying with the Church.


I know, just thought it was odd.


fingers crossed


They have no status with the Chruch.
Pope Francis has given an olive branch to the laity who are served by them, but the priests still are engaging in illicit behavior.

As to why have they not joined the FSSP, one word- Pride. They still believe that they are right and Holy Mother Church is wrong.


I don’t know if the SSPX officially states that, but I do know some Catholics believe that. (which is totally ridiculous I mean, look at the scientific facts)


what illicit behavior?


Their priests are suspended. Their Masses are illicit.


They say the Traditional Catholic Mass, as it was before VII.


But I don’t think they have canonical permission from their local Diocesean ordinary to celebrate Mass, which is certainly a problem.


It doesn’t matter. They are suspended. They have no faculties to say Mass, therefore the Mass is illicit.


That’s not what that means. If they completely stick to Tradition, as before VII, ordain priests with the original rite, and say Mass correctly, there’s no problem.



no one has been uncivil (as of yet) but this is a divisive issue


A very big problem, to say the least. The local Ordinary (Bishop) is responsible for what happens in his diocese. These priests have been suspended. Until that suspension is lifted, that have no legitimate ministry in the Church.


Sorry Max, but I don’t know if this discussion can continue for much longer. I should probably get out, and let you all agree.


But they havent.

Tradition requires canonical faculties from a diocesean ordinary, which, at the moment, the SSPX does not have

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