The St.Malachy Prophecy

As I’m sure many of you know, there is a detailed prophecy about the papacy, written many hundreds of years ago by St.Malachy of Ireland.
What do you think? Is it all baloney? an internet myth? Do you find the interpretations stretch the imagination a little too far?

I don’t know, but since we were talking on the topic of impending doom (the next pope is the second-to last) I thought I’d bring it up :slight_smile:

As far as I recall the ‘prophecies’ were n’t written by St Malachy. They seem a bit like Nostradamus, you can make of them what you will.
To me they don’t have the rich spiritual savour of a true prophet, like, say St John Bosco. They are kinda dead, like a mechanical description.

See thread:

We are sticking with the prophet Malachi of the Old Testament — and named our new son the same.

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