The Staircase!


The Staircase in The Loretta Chapel, Santa Fe!


Wow, what a beautiful video!

I saw a movie of this story, starring Barbara Hershey. It didn’t cover all the details found in the video you linked.

Many thanks for this!


It’s a lovely staircase, but from what I heard, the story isn’t true::frowning:


I went through the whole snopes “debunking”, and it wasn’t a very complete debunking, imo.

Who was the carpenter?

What does not having a handrail have to do with anything? :shrug:

The wood was still not identified, nor was the source (lumberyard?) found.

What does scarcity of nails at the time have to do with anything? :shrug:

How about this - the nuns prayed, and the solution showed up at their door. :gopray2:

This so called “investigation” strikes me as someone desperate to debunk a miracle. Some people really don’t want to see God’s hand in things. :dts: I find their findings a bit dodgy…imho


The fact that snopes says it is not true V the Sisters praying for a staircase and they get one. I will believe in The Miracle over snopes. whose article sounds like sour grapes!:frowning:


I agree - I tend to use snopes for debunking a lot of spam but somehow when it comes to a miracle, there is no way to debunk that!

I have been to the Loretto Chapel too. The staircase now has a railing and the Chapel is no longer a Catholic chapel but is a sightseeing attraction and a place where many Weddings occur! I don’t know if any are Catholic though.

Brenda V.


I agree. Miracle over snopes wins out!!


I saw this staircase last Feb when I was visiting Sante Fe. I believe it was a miracle. It was certainly engineered and built in a way that still baffles experts. Even the wood can’t be totally identified. It’s a very inspirational piece of work and the chapel is beautiful…


Lucky you that you have seen it:) kind of sad in way that is still not a Catholic Chapel:(


I really would love to see it!


There is an unsupported stone staircase in the old county courthouse in Saint John, NB. No miraculous story to that one, although the City Fathers didn’t want to pay for it at the time, thinking it was unsafe and wouldn’t support the weight that it would be called upon to support.


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