"The Star" animated Christmas movie?


Have any Catholic sites rated it yet?


I just saw the commercial for it tonite, and I’m intrigued.
I’m hoping it can be funny and respectful at the same time.


Based on the adverts i"ve seen, I feel as though the Holy Family will take a backseat to the antics of the animals…


Not necessarily a problem–“The Lttle Drummer Boy” was framed like that.
And in Ben Hur, the audience never even sees the face of Jesus (and I’m not sure He had any speaking lines, either)


yeah, but Christ still had a plotted role in those films and was given due respect… I feel as though the HF will simply be in the background and not even included in the plot.


Remains to be seen, I guess :innocent:


very true.

Mandatory 16 character add on


It has Zachary Levi in it and he is pretty serious about his faith, so I’m definitely intrigued as well! Thanks, I hadn’t heard of it before your post.


I think that it is interesting that Jesus in the original Ben Hur movie only played a small part and yet much of the meaning of the movie revolved around Him and His message. The movie was very well produced in that way.

The producer seemed to consciously not want to ‘take Jesus over’ and make him a mouthpiece for certain views but rather as almost a unfathomable force of immense and unknowable power that demanded personal reaction and reflection amidst the struggles of life.

I also like this one with the talking between Ben Hur and Esther which is really the final transformation of Ben Hur and the lesson from the movie -



The movie gets a favorable review on the USCCB website and it is being advertised on EWTN radio so it probably is ok.


Here is an interview from the National Catholic Register


The NC Register also has adds for the movie too


Patrica Heaton is the voice of Edith (I think that is her name), the cow. Patricia Heaton, my favorite actress, is a devout Catholic, who was in “Everyone loves Raymond” and “The Middle”. Will miss her, in The Middle, as this is the last season.


In regards to her devout Catholic faith, she had fallen away, but returned (I think not too long ago)


I am sure that the prayers of her sister helped tremendously also. I bookmarked that site to read more later. I did read the article about Kobe Bryant. Sure did not know he was Catholic. If only more “stars” would speak out about their faith! Thank you for the reference from that site. Looking forward to reading more later.


I saw the film last Sunday. While it did take a few creative liberties from the Bible like adding some conflict during Mary and Joseph’s travel to Bethlehem, it did a have a very positive religious message.


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