The Star: Christmas for the divorced


“When they saw the star they rejoiced exceedingly with great joy”.

“Prepare the way of the Lord…”

“…the kingdom of heaven is at hand”.

John the Baptist prophesied and the Star of Bethlehem directed. The baptist’s words provided messages of preparation. The star was a great sign and it illustrated Christ’s ability to shepherd, even in His infancy.

The words of the baptist seemed to articulate the radiance of the star. His words offered promise; the arrival of the Lamb of God who will take away our sins. With such a promise comes great expectation and joy.

As divorced Catholics we sometimes feel as though we are castaways marooned in isolation after an unsuccessful navigation of marital seas. We may have been blindsided by a tempest that disrupted our charted course, which had previously seemed to be marked with certainty. We may not be called to walk on water, but neither is there a predestined fate that dictates we should lose faith and sink.

In our newfound state of life we may become confused and disoriented. Our disillusionment can blind us to our Lord’s promise and we may become convinced that it is His church that has forced this state of life on us. His words may seem to be “hard sayings”, indeed. We fail to realize it is our own circumstances that have changed, not His church. We become lost. The future looks to be filled with chaos, but that would depend on where we set our sights. Hopefully, we find that there is no horizon on this journey and our limits are based on our willingness to “take point” on this road to destiny.

Listen for the Baptist. Look to the star. John is always calling to us and the star burns for us unto the end of time. If your eyes become veiled in darkness nurture them with light. Follow the star to the heart of the gospels. When you ask yourself what you may intend to do with your life now, let Christ increase. Prepare a way for Him and follow the path you have laid. Live your example of life through this state of cross bearing.

His Nativity is your calling as He has come to make all things new. The sky of Bethlehem is above you!

This prayer is for you, through the Prince of Peace, Christ our Lord.

A blessed Advent and Merry Christmas to you.


Wow that was beautiful! Thank you for sharing this!!!


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