the stations of the cross

hi does anyone know if it is ok to say the stations of the cross a home.

what i do is look at printed pictures and pray and maditated on them. is that ok.

Yes, it’s fine! Obviously you don’t have the “pilgrimage” experience that walking the stations with a group of fellow believers offers, but the prayer and meditation is still very valuable!

Incidentally, there is an online stations experience from Creighton University you may find worthwhile (there are probably many, actually):

EWTN (and many of its afiliate stations) broadcasts the Stations of the Cross daily at 5:30 AM eastern, presumably for those who’re unable to travel to a church to pray them. I try to meditate on each as I listen, pray along with the lay-reader, etc. I’m totally blind, so this is an ideal way to observe that particularly private devotion.

thanks ppl i’m in australia so the walks and the way of the cross with others only happen around easter however prob not all churches may do it. we had a priest who retired last year and around lent he used to do it every friday but this year the prest we have i dont think even did it once.

i was doing it every day recently and i stoped it but also started to think maybe i am not doing it right. and maybe wasting my time and was thinking if i do it once a week on a friday it will be ok. but i started it again yesterday and i will prob do it again today. thanks heaps

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