The Steadily Rising Anti-Catholic Biases

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The devil knew his time is getting shorter and shorter every minute (cf. Rev 12:12), and so because with his possession is the world’s vainglory (cf Luke 4:6), the devil will try to pull back people from the Church in the most deceitful way: the illusion of the boob tube and the mass media of the world.

Recently I had seen the trailer of the upcoming movie, “2012”, and what really struck me is the fact that the production had really paid bucks for the effect of the Vatican being utterly destroyed with the Pope and bishops and the catholic people within it. Yes, Satan’s aspirations are finally materializing on the blockbusters. And no wonder, for Satan is the major actor for the world’s desolation since the beginning. He is the major adversary throughout the drama of the ages.

The Catholic Church had not only been attack with anti-catholic arguments. There’s worse than that. The Catholic Church had been attacked with fictitious blows inside and out. As we can recall the Da Vinci Code and the Angels and Demons, which smacks the Catholic Church in portraying that the Church is cunning and is the greatest conspirator of all time. Now in the upcoming movie 2012, it smacks the Church on its impotence to intervene with the world’s brutal fate. Every anti-catholic bias degrades the image of the Church and our light is forcefully trapped inside the bowl of biased secularism.

It really surprises me in every way. The world is eager to resolve the Islamic hatred against a Danish cartoonist. The world watches Buddhist monks pray and supports them. People are very cautious not to anger the Muslims and the Hindus. But when it comes to Catholicism, pro-Catholics are pushed away to the corner for the show is about to start.

They’re afraid of a viral pandemic, but aren’t afraid of a more deadly pandemic that infests the internet. There were articles against the Pope and the Church, blasphemies against the sacred and fighting against God Himself. They see the Catholic Church as true, yes, but they see it as a parasite that sucks the world’s freedom to pursue evil. True is what the Revelation had said, that peple will rejoice over our deaths for the Church torment them (cf Rev 11:10)

Now is the time to fight the steadily rising anti-catholic biases. With Christ and the family of heaven in our side, let us populate the internet with Catholic movements and groups that will fore-awaken others of the Great Tribulation that is churning up. Let all of us individually be living stones that will stack one upon another to form the new wall of the New Temple under siege. Christ is our corner stone and Peter is the rock. We are meant to be tormentors of evil like rocks do to the Old Covenant’s adulterers. Now, let ourselves be rocks against them and let Jesus Christ, the man without sin, throw the first stone. Let each one of us be a force of the Kingdom.

God bless us all, Catholics

All you’re saying has been going on in some form or other since the time of the Emperor Tiberius.

Are you just now noticing it?

Nope, I noticed it way back from the Church antiquities, but the type and demand of response for that time is different in this era.

Liberty pays everlasting vigilance, and when it comes to these new tactics of Satan, new tactics are used ,too ,with the old and everlasting groundworks to support it.

That is. Prayer, faith and holiness.:slight_smile:

Christ is our corner stone and Peter is the rock. We are meant to be tormentors of evil like rocks do to the Old Covenant’s adulterers. Now, let ourselves be rocks against them and let Jesus Christ, the man without sin, throw the first stone. Let each one of us be a force of the Kingdom.

Across Europe, the bias is virulent. Here, in the US, it’s getting worse.

Thanks gookykookypig for reminding us we have to fight evil.

God bless, Annem

See the irony here, is that the first teaser had as its first “target”, as you are reading it, a Buddhist Monastery…

I really dont see this trailer as an attack. There is another thread about this.

Did you see the first teaser:

I honestly do not think it is wise to look for “offense” where there may not be. It makes us look thin-skinned and paranoid.

There are plenty of actual, direct attacks, and *true deceptive indirect *attacks for us to worry about without starting fights where there was not necessarily conflict.

From what I could tell of the second trailer it looks like the White House gets destroyed by a tsunami wave. So it isn’t just the Vatican that gets destroyed. It looks like just about everything gets destroyed. Also, from what I remember of the trailer it looked like Airforce One also gets over taken by a huge wave.

Now if it was just the Vatican that got destroyed we might have reason to object. But since this is a movie about the end of time and according to the Church, everything gets destroyed at the end of time and according to the trailer of this movie everything was destroyed, or most of it anyway, I don’t see what there is to object too.

I will admit it does remind me of Independence Day. They destroyed some really big well known buildings in that movie too.

Yet you can’t see Mecca being destroyed, though it was included at the first part of faiths in prayer. How’s that? :slight_smile:

One thing is for sure. It is okay for “some” to play the Church as a weakling. This is art devilish as it is. Let’s just fight what’s devilishly emerging with our own contributions for the edification of the Church.

I agree completely. American Christians have made themselves look like whiny victims in recent years, and it only increases the prejudice against us. The yearly “war on Christmas” carrying on is the worst offense.

American Christians enjoy amazing freedom to practice our faith, freedom that many in other countries would love to have. I think we forget sometimes how lucky we really are.

I fail to see anything anti-Catholic about that.

As for Mecca, if it were destroyed, just think about it. It wouldn’t look as great in CG. :thumbsup:

Anti-Catholicism is one of the few “acceptable” bigotries in the world.

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