‘The Steal Is On’ in Pennsylvania: Poll Watchers Denied Access, Illegal Campaigning at Polling Locations

‘The Steal Is On’ in Pennsylvania: Poll Watchers Denied Access, Illegal Campaigning at Polling Locations

PHILADELPHIA, PA - OCTOBER 27: Voters wait in line outside Philadelphia City Hall on the final day to cast their early voting ballots at the satellite polling station on October 27, 2020 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. With the election only a week away, this new form of in-person voting by using …

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3 Nov 2020

Election Day kicked off with a bout of chaos in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with poll watchers reportedly denied access and witnesses alleging “illegal campaigning” at various polling locations.

According to Trump 2020 EDO director Mike Roman, Democrat election officials are banning Trump poll watchers all across the city, as one video shows. Another photo on social media shows a physical barrier, which Roman says Democrat officials are using to keep poll watchers far from the counting tables:

There also appear to be instances of illegal campaigning at various polling locations. Roman provided an image of a man in blue purportedly distributing Democrat literature to voters as they stand in line to cast their ballots. Other polling locations appear to have the literature posted outside the facility . . .

. . . This is our polling place in NE Philadelphia. Already a violation in sight. . . .

. . . And its widespread. I checked the other polling places in our ward on the way home. . .

. . . Guess someone forgot their headphones: this speaker is blasting anti-Trump music in earshot of people waiting to vote! #FreeAndFairElections . . .

. . . SPOTTED: Ward 12, Division 4 . . . two people in the same voter booth! . . .

. . . Additionally, there are mounting reports of polling locations opening late, forcing some voters to step out of line to return to work before casting their ballots . . .

. . . At least THREE polling places are reportedly not yet open — two in Philadelphia, one in Allegheny! Polls should have opened at 7:00! . . .

. . . What a coincidence. My friend, in the Republican part of Pennsylvania just called me. They are standing in line at the polling place that was supposed to open and is still not open. People leaving because they have to go to work. This is the BS we have been warning about. . . .

. . . According to the Philadelphia Republican Party, in the first two hours of voting alone, they have received reports of “several reporting locations closed,” hundreds of voters stuck in line, ballot harvesting, and officials denying poll watchers access.

There are also reports of voting machines down in Westmoreland and Philadelphia Counties, according to the Philly GOP: . . .

Everybody KNEW this was going to happen. At least among the most of the conservatives.


The Trump campaign knows they are behind, so they are already working the refs. The solution is for Biden to win by enough that his victory is clear.


I absolutely agree with the OP. It happened in some city in 2012 too.

Yes, what could be more trustworthy than some party backing infanticide, at least, a lot of support for it in the party.


And some say the Dems are the party of expanding the vote…


They’re not the ones suing to have legally-cast ballots tossed out.


Naw, they’re just keeping polling places closed til the Republicans have to leave for work.

And keeping poll watching from watching what is happening in the counting area… now, why would they want to keep the watchers from seeing what is happening?

Maybe the Dems are the party of letting people vote as long as the Dems have that chance to “count” the vote?


This too, and there was a story this morning of some precinct not opening on time (unconfirmed).

They wanted to violate the state election laws. Tough luck.

Why are they so afraid of someone making sure they aren’t cheating?

What are they hiding?


More projection.Biden is behind,thus the shenanigans…

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We will both see in approximately 12 hours.

Only if Trump wins by a landslide :pray::pray::pray:Othetwise, this will drag out the til the Dems get the results they need​:woman_facepalming:t2::weary::face_vomiting:

You mean, why do they expect all poll-watchers to obey state elections laws?
Gee, I don’t know. Maybe because . . . laws?


Well, there is no chance of that. The choices are that 1) Trump loses the popular vote and nonetheless squeaks out an electoral victory, 2) Biden wins a close race, 3) Biden wins easily (say 325+ electoral votes)

3 seems most likely.

Easy fix

SCOTUS rules Pa closes the polls, is allowed 3 electoral votes with one awarded to Trump, Biden, and Jorgensen. Reason : declare Pa. Board of Elections void of integrity.

Democrats are always ahead in the “polls”.

Those are irrelevant. I add 5-10 points on for Republicans whenever I see those “polls”.

I have been doing that for many many years.
My adjusted “polls” have ALWAYS been more accurate come election day.

This one may be an exception as there will be a lot of Democrat cheating in my opinion. More than usual. (Again my opinion.)

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Well, we will know in 12 or so hours.

All the Trump folks here on the forum are saying that there will be no unrest from the GOP side, but all the Trump folks also seem to have unreasonable expectations about the outcome. Don’t you think there will be a lot of disappointment on the Trump side when Biden comes in some where near what the polls say?

TMC (On election results) . . .

Well, we will know in 12 or so hours.

I’ll bet we don’t.

I would suggest to you that the leftists set this up purposefully for election chaos.

And I have been posting evidence of that here for months.

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Set up what?

The voters will have their say, regardless of what Trump wants. I think it will be definitive enough that we will know by morning.

I agree muddy the waters so they can finagle a big cheat .Just keep praying.Ive said two rosaries already today and will say a third this evening​:pray::pray::pray::pray:

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