the stigmata

Why is it that some people are given the stigmata, and not others? Does anyone have any ideas/explanations for this? Because I don’t know why. :shrug:

God alone knows the answer to that question. We may come up with various answers of our own but only God can say why this or that person is blessed by such a loving mark/s.

Thank you for your reply, although personally I would prefer not to be blessed in such a way. :shrug:

Here is my take on it.

Sometimes a holy person will love Christ a great deal, to the point of wanting to suffer with Him. They want their will and their heart to be one with His and He gives them this suffering as a gift and a cross. I think that this explains how it worked for some stigmatics, but I have read a few stories where people received it and they didn’t even seem to know why.

Is it true that stigmata can involve only hands, only feet, or both?

Have there been occurrences of stigmatics bleeding from their heads?


Like “ajecphotos” said above, only God truly knows why He grants that someone will receive the stigmata. However, it is my personal opinion that a person receives the stigmata when he or she has achieves more or less perfect configuration with Christ.

May God bless you all on this beautiful Easter Sunday! Christus Regnat! Alleluia!

Hello Geddie

To your second question, the answer is yes…Saint Rita of Cascia, Widow and Religious. She had a wound from the Crown of Thorns on her head that bled profusely. Here is some information about her from Wikipedia: St. Rita is venerated due to various miracles attributed to her intercession, and is often portrayed with a bleeding wound on her forehead, which the Roman Catholic Church claims to have been a partial stigmata.


Yes. See here and here.

Pax Christi! He is risen!

I hear that! Most people who experienced stigmata or visions or what-have-you lived difficult (if saintly) lives.

My preference is to live a more normal life, and still wind up in Heaven.

God bless.

Having a stigmata would be an honour.

Be careful what you wish for; the pain can be disabling, AIUI.


Suffering for God would be a honour.

As St Teresa said “Most happy he who suffers most for Christ”

I agree. However, I am finding that I need to offer many more of my little daily sufferings before I could even hope to suffer that much with Christ.

Here is the answer from the Bible, why some people have stigmas and some not:
1 Сorinthians 12:11 “but all these worketh the one and the same Spirit, dividing to each one severally even as he will.” Paul talking about spiritual gifts and manifestations. Yet you can pray for that and may the Lord grant you by His Grace.

Here I have some few questions:

  1. Why does stigmatics have the blood sign usually in the palm of their hand, not in the wrists as the scientists consider that Jesus had nails going through His wrists, not His palms, so I don’t know which one is correct, either some stigmatics or some scientists(I was thinking about that before myself, but then that question came to me again, here a little bit of text about stigmas, some skeptical review: badnewsaboutchristianity…es.htm)??????)
    I’m just interested if there’s any good explanation for that. I believe in miracles and have some experiences, yet I would like to know if there’s any possible explanation for that? May be scientists considered it wrong way? Or may be there’s God’s will in that because of different lives and hands and the way God manifests miracle and doesn’t want to repeat the same way again?

  2. Another question appeared, I don’t know if anybody can answer: why some stigmatics have those blood signs on the hand in different places? May be it’s not so important to know, but may be there are some explanation. I know some people have ruby dust appeared in those places.

  3. When the view of considering Paul using word “stigmata” in the Bible started being looked as opportunity of description of certain phenomena like stigma appearing? From what time that kind of view appeared and who started considering this way? For I know stigmas are to be known from Francis of Assisi in 13-th century. And as far as know that Ortodox Church have negative vision of that. I believe in such supernatural things, though I would to know, if there’s any explanation to add?

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