The Stoning of Soraya (movie)

Here’s the trailer for the movie “The Stoning of Soraya” with my favorite actor Jim Caviezel. It looks really good and it has already garnered positive reviews.

This is another clip with a bit more content, starring the main actress:

Please tell me what you think.

So what’s the aim of this movie?
A slur? $? Or to raise awareness?

Also why did you post this in the non-Catholic religions forum when clearly this is a humanitarian issue rather than religious issue?

It is to raise awareness, do you want to help?

Well, maybe inform me as to what it’s about in-depth first?
I’d like to hear your take.

Thank you for posting this. It looks to be a well-made and insightful film.

I think you raise an important point. Here in North America, we often conflate Islam with the culture of a nation. A similar error would be conflating Christianity with American culture. There is overlap, but a religion and a national culture are distinct from each other.

Well, short explanation would be that there are a lot of things happening in the Middle East which needs to be rectified, I believe that certain countries like Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia are dangerous because of their Islamic extremes. Radical elements are growing within Islam, and we need to know how to stop this. At the same time I believe that these radical Muslims are taking their cue from the Koran as there are elements which bespeak of committing violence. I don’t claim to have a complete understanding of things Islamic, however, when I read things like a female who is raped, needing 4 witnesses to be saved from a stoning, well, that is barbaric. I do not take this to mean that all Muslims do this, but it is being practiced, stoning, that is.

It seems to be about people who take aim at a woman with stones to bring about her death.

A slur? $? Or to raise awareness?

In what way would you consider it a slur to tell such a story?

Ok, I had to continue this thread because I wanted to hear from the likes of R_not, qui est ce, Jay 53, Chrisse, Jakasaki, Muslim woman, InJesus, Dhremezi (I know I didn’t spell it correctly) . . . as to how you view this film, what do you think this means? Are we perhaps beginning to see we need to confront our foes (Islamic fundamentalists) and their way of life?

To make people aware of what Islam is all about with its barbaric and draconian sharia law and how it really “honors” women!


Good morning Josie.

I’ve seen to many stonings on all sorts of vid sites and in all honesty, my heart, mind and soul can’t bare to watch without falling apart. My eyes fill with Niagara falls and my vision becomes blur.

I can only speak and give my opinion. Stoning is barbaric and should be stopped globally. And lets add beheading to the mix and everything else that is practiced today via culture or religion and or a combination of both.

There is absolutely no reason for any of this in the 21st century. I’m sure there is so much vile atrocities happening in places that are not even reported.

I cannot predict the future, but I will say this. The film will anger so many and it will cause riots and chaos. Just like Fitna did and Theo’s film and of course the cartoons and teddy bears.

We will hear things like, it’s not islam, it’s a cultural thing.

Don’t insult my prophet - allah akhabar - and it will go on and on. I hope, pray and trust the film when it comes out does not back out of it’s commitment to show it to the world.

May God Bless Us all and best regards,

It’s interesting to know that the Quran does not prescribe stoning ,only the Bible does

There are those that believe these things don’t happen in the 21st century and certainly they are not justified by Islam.

Women are not held captive and they are not stoned. :confused:

There are those that believe that this is made up out of America’s conflation of Islamic law and tribal culture. :confused:

The stoning has nothing to do with Islam. :confused:

God, help us to see the error of our thinking and to stop this type of violence in His Holy Name. Amen.


When was the last time stoning was practiced by the Jews and Christians?

And if it’s NOT in your koran, then why do islamic “cultures” practice that today?

I have found another clip for you guys to view, this is another film entitled “The Stoning”:

It’s not the mode of punishment most at question here, although barbaric at best. It’s how she gets to that point in the first place.

Hi Pam, this is not an actual stoning but a movie based on the practice of stoning. I suppose my reason for posting it was to suggest that maybe things will change for the better, and of course, to raise awareness. I am glad this film is garnering positive reviews. God bless.

And we’ll keep being told that Islam treats women better than Christianity!


It is also interesting to note that although the Koran doesn’t mention stoning, Muslims are the ones practicing it.

Josie, I too hope that it will raise awareness and I too pray things will change for the better and I am glad you posted it. I’ve seen the trailers about this film. It breaks my heart to watch stuff like this.

Thanks for sharing!

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