The story behind the ‘American Dream’ photo at West Point that went viral



God bless you, 2nd Lt. Alix Idrache.


And God Bless the graduates of all 4 Service Academies Classes of 2016!

(That’s Army, Navy, air Force, and Coast Guard for those who don’t know…)

It’s 1 and a wakeup!


Sa - LUTE!


There are actually five service academies, you’re forgetting the Merchant Marine Academy.


Why does he look like a Confederate soldier?


In the summer of 1814, a small American Army, led by General Winfield Scott wearing gray, decisively defeated the British in upper Canada .* Gray uniforms at once became badges of honor and the Academy decided to utilize the color gray in memory of Scott’s victory. In 1816, the Secretary of War formally approved the use of gray uniforms for the Military Academy in recognition of General Scott and his gallant troops. There are few uniforms the world over so renowned as “cadet gray.”

“West Point Cadet Uniforms”

*We forgive you. :smiley:

**Just don’t do it again. :tsktsk:

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