The Story of a Man Who Fought His Great Compulsion for Pornography



it is thus not that your husband is personally attacking you, but this vice which compels him to lust.

It’s not the husband’s fault - it’s the vice’s fault :rolleyes:

Right. :rolleyes:

If the couple don’t share a taste in pornography (yes, some couples do!) and only the husband is a user which he knows would be devastating for his wife should she find out, and won’t stop looking at other women in pornography, then he hasn’t got enough love and respect for her.

Maybe I’m being too harsh here, but I have a hard time buying this addiction line when it comes to pornography.

I’ve read enough to make me think the term ‘‘addicted’’ when it comes to porn is used too flippantly.

I guess in some very rare cases addiction is real, but it seems like almost every guy I come across that uses porn is ‘‘addicted’’.

In most cases that translates to me as ‘‘enjoys and doesn’t want to stop’’!

Sarah x :slight_smile:

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