The Story of Civilization "The Reforamtion" by Will Durant


Has anybody ever read the story of Civilization “The reformation “ by Will Durant? A friend and I were talking the other day and he mentioned how great the reformation was ….and I asked him to explain pls… He started mentioning the usual suspects when discussing this topic with a protestant…the days of incorrectly used Indulgences and corrupt Papacy ect ect…which I explained the best I could. He then said he had a great book he would like me to read and I said sure why not I enjoy learning about history and the truth of Catholic faith… I didn’t know he was going to bring me a 930 page book. Anybody have a review of this book so I can know where I am heading before I start turning the pages. Thanks


That’s surprising–Durant is actually quite cynical about the Reformation. Anyway, while Durant’s work is impressive simply by virtue of one man trying to write about all of human civilization, I don’t find the actual results to be very impressive. Whenever I dip into it, I find it to be full of bias and distortion. And the bias is very definitely coming from a secular, rationalist viewpoint.

If you want a good overview of the Reformation, I’d look at more recent works like those of Euan Cameron or Diarmaid MacCulloch (one Protestant, the other ex-Anglican and not currently practicing any religion).

For a work at least as well-credentialed and probably no less biased than Durant’s (but biased on your side), I’d look at Daniel-Rops.



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