The story of Noah and other related stories

someone has asked me:

"the story of Noah is not new or exclusive to the Bible, it’s found in other stories around the world…
such as,

The similarities between the story of Noah’s Ark, the Sumerian story of Ziusudra, and the Babylonian stories of Atrahasis and Utnapishtim are clearly shown by corresponding lines in various versions:

“the storm had swept…for seven days and seven nights” — Ziusudra 203
"For seven days and seven nights came the storm" — Atrahasis III,iv, 24
"Six days and seven nights the wind and storm" — Gilgamesh XI, 127
"rain fell upon the earth forty days and forty nights" — Genesis 7:12

“He offered a sacrifice” — Atrahasis III,v, 31
"And offered a sacrifice" — Gilgamesh XI, 155
"offered burnt offerings on the altar" — Genesis 8:20

“built an altar and sacrificed to the gods” — Berossus.
“The gods smelled the savor” — Atrahasis III,v,34
"The gods smelled the sweet savor" — Gilgamesh XI, 160
"And the Lord smelled the sweet savor…" — Genesis 8:21

how do i respond to the accusations that the story of Noah isn’t just a rehash of older stories?

thanks in advance.

Jimmy Akin has a nice treatment of this subject:

Yes, I think that is good treatment of the question.

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