The Story of Saint Rose of Viterbo, Whose Feast Day in 2017 Is Monday, September 4

She died when she was 17, but in her short life great signs of God’s guidance and favor occurred, and she risked her life speaking in the streets in favor of the pope. Her body has been incorrupt since she died in 1251. Now every year in Viterbo on the eve of her feast day, September 4, a tower with a statue of her on top, illuminated by thousands of candles and light bulbs, is carried in procession through the darkened streets of the old medieval town on the backs of around 100 volunteers.

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Viterbo is a fascinating town, home to several popes and a deep Catholic history. It is well preserved: it still looks medieval. While I did not see St. Rose when there, I highly recommend the town as a side trip from Rome.

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