The strangest things

Lay low on “blunt” truth such as “People are lacking independence;” at the moment, critical thoughts… anyway, onward:

Crazy notes:

“Perfectionist for other people,” overwhelming the other people (lack of ‘reason’ in other people (my ‘apparent’ perspective), frustrating (for them)… ‘meaning blah etc.’ expectations; example of one particular person: “I’m never good enough” doesn’t mean… such; weird don’t get it). So right brained people irritated/faking/ish cynical (over being assumed/“not have” as much “reasoning powers”… not ‘dumb’ [whatsoever]–weirrd // expectations/assumptions potentially way too high; (but prom accepting my flaws [knowing them] going giving space on so forth etc. not all about me trying… to help, etc.)) (Just people still have hard time getting I’m just… ‘human’/chill about it/disregarding w/e? – and they’re still not going to ‘~|?>>’ me…) center not as… complica… No… expecat… confusing; weird. Makes odd sense. (I don’t have expectations for you I don’t have expectations for myself… double sided). Simply put, people don’t have as much time as I do. [unfair, **unreal and unrealistic]

I think expecting this to be understandable is probably pretentious…

Love in truth, huh.


I think I am just being overly analytical. The common phrase ‘applicable to me’ (whoooa) might be “You need to get out more”… but all this stuff is so abhorently true; I need to relax, I’m so skinny… I think I have a very overactive mind.

I don’t know, thinking part of human dignity… [yet] don’t want to blow people out of the water

Want more notes? I got a whole slew of them, more-or-less whacky than above

Gah human souls are so complex…* even if they don’t know it*

Eh, most of them [notes] are… from what I understand, trying to be common sense meaning as I have more, going ~overboard as if to say, “…face to face with myself… that I might see how foul I was, deformed and defiled, covered with stains and sores… I was filled with horror… there was no place to flee away from myself.” Oh boy, my family/friend life is wee bit messy–coming along though.

Putting it sorta awkwardly, craziness ‘ups and downs’… not only time having trouble putting forth clear ideas… ugh -~ primarily it might be diluted content matter, but I shouldn’t have this hard-a-time

Yes, this is the strangest thing.


I was ignorant and panicking a little earlier. Sorry, and lesson learned, I will stall myself appropriately next time.

thoroughly confused…

Being Catholic would be helpful

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