The stupidest thing I hear from an anti-theist

i had this interpretation of the Apocalyptic Dragon some years ago… I find it quite entertaining that a beastly demon should rise from the fires of hell and put an end to wicked man… truth be told, we are the creators of our demons and we allow them to exist within our mental contructs of consciousness, culture and society. And so if any demon comes and destroys humanity, it will be the human demon that we created and are responsible for… and for those who are “god’s chosen” , there will be no salvation or paradise: only shattered beliefs and probably a lethal dose of self denial.

and then he said that if Christians allow God to exist, so do demons and part of the “same delusion”

okay 1st problem

He makes it seem “gods chosen” will are the typical Fred Phelps on TV

Although Lucifer decided man into evil, it doesn’t mean we are saying “man cannot commit evil”

Also reducing the problem of evil to few sentences is not an argument.

Anyone else take a wack at the big bad dragon?

In my experience, the majority - or at least an oddly large number - of atheists are radically theologically conservative when it comes to their take on religion. The Fred Phelps-types serve as a strawman for them to despise.

Well…besides his dragon imagery…basically he’s not saying much different than a lot of people say; that good and evil is within us and we create our own structures in which to express them and we create the end result in front of us.
Nothing much new there.
People have been saying this kind of stuff for thousands of years.


Could you phrase it a little differently? My experience with atheists is they don’t know what Christians mean by God

I agree with DaddyGirl.

Are you sure that this person is an anti-theist and not just a atheist? In other words what kind of atheist is this person(strong,weak)?

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