The surest, easiest, shortest, and the most perfect to become a saint


Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary truly is the “surest, easiest, shortest, and the most perfect means to becoming a saint.”

WOW !!! That’s some claim .

About two months ago I was watching a video of a talk given by an English lady , Michelle Moran , one of the “leaders” in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal . She was talking about the 50th anniversary of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal , and as an aside she began the talk by saying that she had just completed an Act of Consecration to Mary . " If you haven’t done it , then do it . There are so many blessings to be gained from it , " she said .

That got me thinking .

Sometime in the 1980s I read " True Devotion to Mary " by St Louis de Montfort . In it there is a preparation for and an Act of Consecration to Mary . I began the preparation , but began to feel that some of the language St Louis uses was not what I would use . I didn’t feel sincere in saying the prayers he used , so I gave up .

Any way two months ago I did some Googling and came across this book


A little more Googling and I came across this short video

It is Fr Gaitley who reminds us of St Louis de Montfort’s teaching , " Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary truly is the surest, easiest, shortest, and the most perfect means to becoming a saint.”

I thought I have got to try this .

I am now on the 33rd day , and tomorrow I will , God willing , on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception be making my Act of Consecration to Mary .

If nothing else , these last 33 days have been enriching for me .

In the morning I’ll get the bus to Manchester to visit St Mary’s church (The Hidden Gem) , shown below , to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation .

Then I will go to the Holy Name , the Jesuit church in Manchester , shown below , for the Eucharist .

Then it’s back on the bus to go home , where I will make my Act of Consecration to Mary before this statue of the Pieta which I bought this week to be a memorial of my Act of Consecration to Mary .


Come Holy Spirit , living in Mary , upon all preparing to make an Act of Consecration to Mary and upon all who have made that Act .

Come Holy Spirit , living in Mary , and inspire all to make an Act of Consecration to Your Spouse , our Beloved Mother .

By the way , the book “33 Days to Morning Glory” is a gem .


That all sounds very exciting!

Must you arrange the 33 days to culminate on the Feast of The Immaculate Conception?


It’s recommended when you do a Marian consecration that you end on a Marian feast day.
As there are many, many Marian feast days throughout the year, you have lots of options for that.
But you don’t have to end on a Marian feast day, you can do it any time.

I note there is also the shorter 9-day consecration to the Immaculata based on the writings of St. Maximilian Kolbe. That’s the one I ended up using for my first consecration because I like him, he seems a bit more modern in his approach, and 9 days is shorter and easier to manage for me than the 33 days.

Since you are supposed to renew your consecration to Mary every year, I used the 33-day method to renew this year. Parts of it still seem very drawn out to me although the prayers are nice.


It’s recommended that you arrange the 33 days to culminate on a feast of Our Lady .

The book has a chart of such feasts and the date to start .

Give it a try @Lee1 . You won’t be disappointed .

You can make a New Year’s resolution to do so , because the next recommended starting day is Dec 31st for the Feast of the Presentation on Feb 2nd .


In his book Fr Gaitley uses the teaching of four teachers of the Act of Consecration to prepare for it .

Week 1 is St Louis de Montfort .
Week 2 is St Maximillian Kolbe .
Week 2 is Mother Teresa .
Week 4 is Pope John Paul II .


Right, I haven’t gotten around to doing the 33 Days to Morning Glory yet. I did the 33 day De Montfort this year.
Maybe next year i do the Morning Glory one.

I have the Morning Glory book, but the de Montfort consecration and the Kolbe 9-day consecration are available online, which is much easier for me as I’m online all day for work and I use my phone or my laptop for all my prayers as well.


Dear Rob,

Yes! Thank you for trying again – you will not be disappointed for Jesus and Mary are never outdone in Generosity. :slight_smile:

I would encourage you, however, to go back and read St. Louis de Montfort’s “True Devotion” again, when you can. Servant of God Frank Duff wrote that he read “True Devotion” at least 6 times before he realized : “This is True!”. He founded the Legion of Mary with a parish priest and a few other parishioners who had made their “Total Consecration” on Sept. 7, 1921- according to the pattern set by St. Louis de Montfort and the rest is history!

The Legion spread to almost every country in the world and continues today. It was as a member of the Junior Legion in my high school that I was invited with others to leanr more about True Devotion and ultimately made my “Act of Total Consecration” as a teenager. God willing, I’ll celebrate my 82nd birthday next month and I count that grace of Consecrating myself totally to Jesus through Mary as one of the great graces in my life.

I also read Father Gaitley’s book and while I believe it has helped many to give themselves more to Jesus and Mary, I still keep returning to St. Louis de Montfort’s "True Devotion". I know some find his language difficult but remember he wrote in the 1700’s and so his expressions may be different but the Truth remains True in every age. Certainly St. John Paul II and St. Teresa of Calcutta found De Montfort’s book to be a blessing to them also.

Thanks again for your post. And your prayer for all of us who continue renewing our Total Consecration. I usually renew mine annually on the Feast of the Annunciation Mar. 25 with the 33 day preparation. This year I was moved to renew my Consecration on Dec. 12, Feast of our Lady of Guadalupe. I am presently in “Wk. 3- Day 3 - acquiring a better understanding of Jesus”. God willing, I’ll be praying for you and others consecrating themselves tomorrow.

Please pray for me, for the Church, and for all those in most need of God’s Mercy. Thanks!


I met Fr. Gaitley in person a couple years ago, I went to a mass of his then he gave a talk afterwards then he was there afterwards to chat with so I talked with him for about 7 minutes. He said over and over again that 33 Days to Morning Glory (as posted above by others) is the surest and quickest way to becoming a Saint


Thanks @MariaChristi . :smile:

You will be in my prayers .

Yes , I will be reading True Devotion to Mary again .


My wife and I did the 33 day program last year, ending on the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, which is also my wife’s birthday.


Dear Rob,

I’m so blessed, and happy for you that you will be reading St. Louis de Montfort’sTrue Devotion again! It has been my experience that each time I re-read his words, I learn more.

In fact, it is very similar to my experience reading Scripture or re-reading a book written by a saint or a solid Catholic author such as Fr. Garrigou -Lagrange, OP. His two Volume work on “The Three Ages of the Interior Life”, and a smaller and more contemporary book entitled “The Ordinary Path to Holiness” written by R. Thomas Richard, a Catholic layman, regarding our spiritual growth in “stages”, both books remind me of St. Louis De Montfort’s schedule for the 33 Days of Preparation for Total Consecration.

As little St. Therese of Lisieux once said, “Everything is Grace”! I thank the Lord for all His Graces in your life and in mine. We have a Good Father Who knows how to give good gifts to His Children!


Dear EricF,

How blessed you and your wife are! I’m not sure exactly what moved me to renew my Consecration on the “Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe” this year except perhaps I wanted to honor Mary as Mother of the Unborn, and offer myself again totally to Jesus through her for all God’s children Whom He gave her from His Cross.

The Church and the world are in such great need of Mary as Mother and Model at this time in our history! I hope you will be renewing your Total Consecration on Dec. 12, as God willing I am hoping to do. Even if you haven’t had time to do all the 33 Days of Preparation, you can use the short formula: “My Queen and My Mother I am ALL Yours (“Totus Tuus”), and all that I have is Yours. Keep me, guard me as Your property and possession.”

It is the Love that we put into what we say or do that most pleases Jesus and Mary! We know that Mary never keeps anything for herself but gives her ALL to Jesus too! And wonder of wonders she gives us to Him with her own heart. :slight_smile:


Our renewal can’t be the 12th this year. My wife took a fall, and is having spine and hip surgery the 11th.


May the Lord bless her and grant her the healing she needs through His Mother , given by Him to be our Mother also .


Congratulations, and what beautiful churches those are in Manchester.
Note that while the 33 days is wonderful, it is not necessary. I did a shorter version and now I say a daily act of consecration to the Immaculate Conception. I do believe I’ve come much closer to Christ once I began this practice, including the daily Rosary, daily Mass, and observing First Fridays and First Saturdays. These acts have made a huge difference in my life.


Dear Eric,

May the Lord give you and your wife, all the graces you need at this time, through Mary our Mother. Reading St. Louis De Montfort’s True Devotion this morning, I was blessed by this:

  1. This devotion is a smooth, short, perfect and sure way of attaining union with our Lord, in which Christian perfection consists.

(a) This devotion is a smooth way. It is the path which Jesus Christ opened up in coming to us and in which there is no obstruction to prevent us reaching Him…

It is true that on our way we have hard battles to fight and serious obstacles to overcome, but Mary, our Mother and Queen, stays close to her faithful servants. She is always at hand to brighten their darkness, clear away their doubts, strengthen them in their fears, sustain them in their combats and trials. …

  1. Why is it then, a servant of Mary might ask, that devoted servants of this good Mother are called upon to suffer much more than those who serve her less generously? They are opposed, persecuted, slandered, and treated with intolerance. They may also have to walk in interior darkness and through spiritual deserts without being given from heaven a single drop of the dew of consolation. If this devotion to the Blessed Virgin makes the path to Jesus smoother, how can we explain why Mary’s loyal servants are so ill-treated?

  2. I reply that it is quite true that the most faithful servants of the Blessed Virgin, being her greatest favourites, receive from her the best graces and favours from heaven, which are crosses. But I maintain too that these servants of Mary bear their crosses with greater ease and gain more merit and glory. What could check another’s progress a thousand times over, or possibly bring about his downfall, does not balk them at all, but even helps them on their way. For this good Mother, filled with the grace and unction of the Holy Spirit, dips all the crosses she prepares for them in the honey of her maternal sweetness and the unction of pure love. They then readily swallow them as they would sugared almonds, though the crosses may be very bitter. I believe that anyone who wishes to be devout and live piously in Jesus will suffer persecution and will have a daily cross to carry. But he will never manage to carry a heavy cross, or carry it joyfully and perseveringly, without a trusting devotion to our Lady, who is the very sweetness of the cross. It is obvious that a person could not keep on eating without great effort unripe fruit which has not been sweetened.

You and your wife are in my prayers today.


Thanks @Limoncello4021 .

St Mary’s is in the city centre with a simple exterior , and down a side street , hence its name “The Hidden Gem” .




I’ve been holding off posting this because of its personal nature but something tells me I should .

On Saturday , prior to my Act of Consecration to Jesus Through Mary , I went to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation .

It was a little different from my previous Confessions for a long , a very long time . I did not have to confess a sin which had become a vice because during my 33 days of preparation I was , and I know I am , freed from that vice . I have been freed , thanks to Mary , from any inclination towards it .Praise God !

I had jotted a few things down to confess and I confessed them . The priest said , " Well there’s no need for me to be here . You have said it all . You have done what most people don’t do in Confession . You have got to the root of your sins . "

To avoid giving credit to myself , I told the priest that I was making an Act of Consecration to Jesus Through Mary , and that I had done my 33 days of preparation . He said that I had picked a good day for it , and spoke about the role Mary can play in our lives , and gave me an appropriate penance .

Before Mass this morning and in Christ’s Eucharistic Presence I was praying with Mary about Mother Teresa’s Consecration Covenant with Mary . My past sins came to mind , and I told Mary that I have done what can only be described as evil things in the past , but they have been confessed and absolved . Then a few doubts came into my mind . “That was bad . Is it really forgiven ?” The doubts went away , but to confirm the matter , during the reading of the Gospel seven words of Jesus jumped out at me . “My friend, your sins are forgiven you.”

WOW !!! Mary acts powerfully when you give her the chance .


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