The Talk on CBS

I started watching this new talk show on CBS. Yesterday they were talking about crushes we have on another persons partner/spouse…whatever. I suddenly realized that this show isn’t life giving to a married person. I only bring this up on a thread because I would have never noticed that before.:confused:

Has that happened to anyone else? I mean, I find it hard enough to keep a marriage strong without these little things buzzing in to my day.:shrug:

I believe it is statistically demonstrable that the vast majority of entertainment figures and journalists are liberal, and thus at least a large subset of them disagree with the Christian way of life. I’d really expand your comment to include TV in general… well really media in general.

Simply because someone is liberal does not mean that approve of infidelity. I suspect that the percentage of liberals who do is rather low, but admit I have not seen any statistics on the subject.

Atara, I think it will be hard to discuss this episode unless we know more about it. I visited the website of the The Talk and see that they have many video clips of previous episodes. However, I was unable to pick out the one you were referring to. Would you be willing to take a look and see if it is available so the rest of us can get informed?

Seriously - name some programs on TV that support morality and are truly life giving.

Yes! :slight_smile:

this is the segment

Atara,I have not watched the link you provided and I dont intend to,just because I could tell fromthe description you gave in your post what kind of show it would be. My advice is to stay away fromt his type of stuff, it doesnt serve to edify,enolghten or properly entertain you when all it does is portray more and more of the same lowering of cultural standards we`ve seen far too long.

Thanks KitKatty,

I was thinking that too. It’s a shame because most of them are married, and it could be such a good show.

The Talk is just dreadful. Nobody should watch that tripe…or most tripe on tv for that matter.

Have you watched it? I thought at first it was pretty good.

Thanks, Atara, for locating the video clip. I don’t know why I couldn’t find it. :blush:

Eh, maybe I am wrong, but I don’t think the discussion was all that bad. It was about secret crushes, which many people do experience. All five women agreed that you never tell the other person, if they are married, because that crosses over into cheating. Their view is that it is innocent to have a secret crush as long as it is not acted on or revealed.

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