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Recently, I have found out what the Talmud says about Our Lord and Our Lady: that Jesus was “a bastard” and is in Hell, “boiling in feces”, and that Mary is "descended from governors and “played the harlot with a carpenter”.

Given this, it’s hard for me to not be angry. We’ve been told for so long that the Jewish people are victims who deserve our sympathy. I am not a Holocaust denier or “race realist” or any of that sort. But I cannot take such blatant insults laying down.

I’m not trying to rabble-rouse here, I am genuinely looking for answers. What am I, as a disciple, supposed to do about it?

Catholic Action!

I think the passage that you are referring to comes from the Sepher Ha Zohar, and it is too evil and blasphemous to put here.

I was very angry at first too, and then I read a book called “Synagogue Rising” by Hugh Akins. He brings up that we must reference the papal bull “Sicut Judaeis Non” (As the Jews). It is our duty to adhere to Christian charity when dealing with the Jews (and we cannot force them to convert to Christianity). However, we are also aware of the Church’s struggle with Jewry over the last 2000 years, so it becomes a fine balancing act of love of neighbor and defending Holy Mother Church.

Bottom line: We need to pray for the Jews to come into the Catholic Church before it is too late.

This is the most insulting thing I’ve read.

I suggest you check your sources very carefully. One of them is none other than David Duke, while another is Stormfront, a notorious neo-Nazi publication; and there are several others of similar inauthenticity. I think you will find some astonishing inaccuracies as well as downright lies about the Talmud and its relation to Christians, Jesus, Mary, and even fellow Jews. So much has been put out there on the Internet that is false regarding the teachings of the Talmud that it is difficult to know where to begin. Some of the rabbinical tractates, for example, have either been made up out of thin air or the rabbis in question have written nothing on the subject matter. This is anti-Semitism at its worst since it can be so easily perpetuated by means of modern technology.

Yes, and the Talmud is not interested in Jesus or Christianity. It is used to elucidate the more obscure verses of the Torah.

Thank you for saying this. I was hoping someone (you) would set the record straight.

I would rephrase this a bit and say that we (the Church) must be aware of Judaism’s struggle with Christianity in our joint history. The Church has a lot to repent of, and thankfully, we have apologised for much of it.

I’m not trying to rabble-rouse here, I am genuinely looking for answers. What am I, as a disciple, supposed to do about it?

The Babylonian Talmud, written in Aramaic, consists of 70 some old volumes and 6,000 plus pages when translated into English. The Jerusalem Talmud is even more complex, and has many volumes as well.

Do the people writing these accusations know Hebrew and Aramaic? What are their academic credentials? How certain are you that they are quoting the Talmud with any degree of accuracy, and not taking quotes out of context? Could someone with an ulterior agenda twist the words of the Talmud for their own political purposes?

Unless you are willing to learn Hebrew and Aramaic yourself, and dive deep into the Talmud under the tutelage of a scholar learned in these matters, I think you will be hard pressed to convince anyone on this forum that Stormfront and David Duke are reliable interpreters of the Talmud.

The Talmud is a highly detailed commentary and debate about various nuances of holy scriptures. It contains the Mishnah (“oral Torah”), and the Gemara, an elucidation of the Mishnah. Various rabbis debate their opinions on holy matters. It is a very, very complex (and sometimes dry) text. It would be easy for one to cherry pick a single rabbi’s opinion out of context while disregarding the entire debate discussed.

You do what the Lord told you to do; to love them as you love yourself.

Thanks for saying this. :slight_smile:

My husband is Jewish, too.

I was reading the OP’s post and was thinking, “Something doesn’t seem right about this, from what I know about Judaism and from reading about the Talmud.” :hmmm:

EXCELLENT posting. Talmud scholars spend their entire lives, one page at a time, learning. Christians have no clue what it takes to master even a small portion of Talmudic texts. I have known Jewish scholars and have enormous respect for their breadth of knowledge.

I would say to the original poster (and others), please have respect for this venerable tradition.

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