The teacher that I co-teach RCIA with has an unethical view of abortion and rape

In the course of talking to her on the phone a few minutes ago, I learned that she thinks that abortion can be considered in rape cases. Needless to say that I am taken back. I told her if you believe that God is the giver of life in all instances, how can you think that a person has the right to kill an unborn person because of the circumstances of that life coming into existence. Her answer was a long drawn out one based of feelings and emotions and not God’s Law.

Now, I don’t know what to say about trying to co-teach RCIA with her.

Any thoughts?

I also forgot to add that she also is not too sure that the Holy Spirit is guiding the Church because of the individual decision of people and priests, especially the sexual abuse issues of priests. She also pointed out issues that happened in the early Church.

Why is she teaching RCIA?

Are you teaching a grade that is going to study the Church’s stance on abortion? I mean, if you are teaching the Lord’s Prayer to 1st graders, it’s not likely to come up.

RCIA director, is she is not, should be informed.

The pastor needs to know.

They are the people that have to handle it.

All we can really do is pray.

You have my prayers.

I have taught high school of about thirty years.

My best question on this subject: what is the most loving thing a parent can do for their unborn child?

All the issues about sinful priests–have been dealt with over the last 2000 years (4000 with the Jews).

We are teaching RICA-Adults

She was asked by the pastor.

** Allegra:** lakotak states RCIA not CCD/PRE; thus, not 1st grade and this will come up in a normal RCIA class… has every year for the past five years that I taught RCIA.

BTW: My 3rd year CCD/PRE.class full of 8 year old children brought this very question up in class (rape and abortion) - and yes, I said abortion is wrong even in the case of rape because it punishes the innocent child for actions done by another despicable person. Our children are exposed to such information earlier and earlier in life and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear about a 5 or 6 year old asking the same or similar questions, indeed, some of these young people are not so innocent due to their family life.

lakotak: Your co-teacher is playing with mortal sin and may not be fully aware of the implications. You need to encourage your co-teacher to talk the the Pastor about these positions. He needs to be made aware of the positions held by one of his catechists. Be kind and gentile; however, after having made a reasonable effort to get this person to talk to the Pastor, then you must do so and you must let your co-teacher know well in advance that you feel you need to talk with the pastor about this, then and only then, in all charity and avoid scandal - this is an affair between you, your co-teacher, and the Church Leadership.

The problem here is that the pastor also has a few unethical stances concerning abortion and contraception. We had a conversation or debate about this on one occasion. RCIA is Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults. We are not dealing with children. She is the Director of the RCIA Program. We are a very small parish.

If she holds these view that will be one thing, but if she tries to spread these views then I will have to contradict her. Not a good position to be in.

See my post #9 concerning the pastor. He has known her about 15 years. She taught RCIA at the Church where he was for 12 years.

Before we all go off half-cocked, let’s make sure that we’re all on the same page.

There are faithful Catholic moral theologians who believe that it is morally licit to use contraception (not abortifacient contraception, mind you!) as a sort of ‘defense’ against conception in the case of rape. (In other words, if conception has already taken place, it’s not moral to kill the already-conceived baby; but, if conception has not taken place, it would be morally licit to prevent contraception in the context of a rape.) Are you certain that this is not the case that she’s attempting to argue – even if she’s doing a rather poor job of explaining her position?

The issue was abortion, not contraception. Contraception was never mentioned. She is basing her views on human emotions and feelings surrounding the person, not the Law of God. Viewing it as a terrible action that the person should not have the consequence of a baby. I even mentioned that the person could put a baby up for adoption. This did not have any apparent impact on her.

There are faithful Catholic moral theologians who believe that it is morally licit to use contraception (not abortifacient contraception, mind you!) as a sort of ‘defense’ against conception in the case of rape.

But is that the teaching of the Church?

I guess the only thing you can do is be prepared to contradict.

Pray to Jesus for guidance. We must be tolerant and non-judgemental, as Jesus is.
It’s very hard to do. I’m horribly intolerant, so truly understand how hard it is to just accept that others have an equal right to hold opinions, however much they conflict with your own.
You can work and teach in harmony with someone, as you are employed to do, without the need for soul-searching. Jesus knows all about this other teacher, as you cannot, and loves you both equally as His children. Ask The Blessed Virgin to help you to listen without judging, as she does whenever we turn to her to guide us closer to her Son Our Lord.
God bess you.

The Church hasn’t spoken on the issue with magisterial authority. However, the Church does say that life begins at conception, so every conceived person is human and cannot be killed. Moreover, the Church says that every act of (marital) physical intimacy must be open to life. The issue, then, is whether rape is an act of marital (or even physical!) intimacy, or whether it is an act of violence against a person. CCC 2356, which discusses rape, defines it as an intrinsically evil act which wounds the physical and moral integrity which are the right of every person.

That is to say, it seems to be reasonable – short of a magisterial statement to the contrary – that prevention of a conception which proceeds from an intrinsically evil act would itself not be morally illicit. :wink:

Where in official Church teaching is this found? (Bolded)

Perhaps the Bishop needs to know.

It may prove a blessing for those in attendance to hear the matter discussed. It makes a greater impact. This actual issue is unlikely to arise for any of the participants, but it will clearly make the point that the Church considers abortion an evil.

Googling provided the following link which might be helpful:

Has this teacher misled any of the students in the class? If not, she hasn’t done any damage. It just needs to made clear to her that as an RCIA teacher, she must the Catholic faith – not her opinion.

You might get creative and suggest that every student has a catechism – preferably the long version, or the shorter version designed for RCIA. The student should also have St. Joseph translation of the Bible. Or maybe you just ask the pastor permission to order the texts.

If you rely on these texts, you can make sure each student has the official teaching of the church right there in black and white.

I wouldn’t go to the Bishop if I were you. There’s a chance that the who issue would get out to the media. And everyone gets a black eye.

I’m very lucky that I had a wonderful experience with our RCIA teacher was fantastic.

God bless!

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