The Temple Mount red heifer saga: Engineering the apocalypse?

Building a Third Temple in Jerusalem is the dream for the messianic branches of Judaism and Christianity, but there are snags. One is the deficiency of a pure red heifer for sacrifice. Tradition holds that the heifer must be truly red from head to toe, with no more than two black hairs on its body, the problem being that such beasts don’t exist. Now Temple Mount devotees hope to circumvent the vagaries of nature by breeding the Red Angus strain of cows in Israel.

But they may not be barking up the right tree. The ritual of the red-colored bovine is probably rooted in misinterpretation.

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Building a third temple is a dream for Christians?

Why? Christ fulfilled the Old Law of Sacrifice.

I believe that Messianic Christianity is a subset of Protestantism that maintain several of the cultural requirements for being a practicing Jew. Things such as circumcision, abstaining from certain foods, and certain forms of Jewish worship are still adhered to as though there were binding. (In spite of the fact that Acts makes it pretty clear that this isn’t the case.) They aren’t full Christian because they still adhere to the OT covenants, but they do profess faith in Christ as the Messiah and the Son of God.

It is my understanding that the sacrifice would be one of thanksgiving rather than atonement since, during the Messianic era, the intensive study and practice of the Law would preclude most human sins, intentional or unintentional.

This is nothing new.

It has popped up about once a decade since the return to old Jerusalem in 1967.

Because Malachi states that the “messenger of the covenant” would come to the Temple, and since they naturally reject that this occurred ca. AD6, and the temple is no longer standing, it must be rebuilt before the Messiah can come. And the land must be purified before rebuilding can take place. And purification requires the red heifer.

So, once a decade, someone presents a RH. (In one instance, the RH, born in Mississippi, was presented to Israel’s Washington embassy.). But then, nothing is done, and the animal becomes too old. Rinse, repeat.

Until the ME becomes more peaceful than in 1967, so that the temple can be raised, I’d not expect too much.


A red herring would be no problem!

That statement is a red herring!

Actually, pickled herring might be preferable, at least to me.

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