The Ten Commandments movie

Tonight I will be watching this amazing movie again for probably the 18-19th time, I have seen it every year since I have been born, but I know once it wasn't on tv and there was probably once or twice where we just had to miss it, but I absolutely love watching this movie every single Easter!

Are there any other people out there that watch this movie each Easter? And how many times have you seen it?

i’ve only seen it once, but have been entertaining the thought of watching again tonight, after studying the Passion this Lent. awesome movie

I’m 52 and I’ve watching it every year since I can remember… :slight_smile:

7pm here in NY & it’s on right now - too bad it’s on commercial TV ~

This movie always airs on ABC and a few times in the past…we have gone to Vigil Mass (its rare, but sometimes my parents and I go to Vigil Mass instead of the Sunday Morning Mass) and after not getting home until either the parting of the red sea or just before the Ten commandments are handed down…I finally bought the DVD set a few years ago, either in 2007 or 2008…not long before Charlton Heston died.

I usually watch the movie duirng Holy Week and then this past week since I couldn’t eat anything after my late supper after I got back from Good friday service, I started watching it again. I listen to the audio commentary sometimes, too (on the DVD).

If this movie were made now, the parting of the red sea would be done on computer. For 55 years old, this movie has stood the test of time. It was recently released on Blu Ray…I think I’ll get that one next year.

I love The Ten Commandments! I'm not a movie fan, but I've seen this movie dozens of times.

And HERE is the perfect theater to see it in:,_Illinois

I watched it in this theater waaaay back when I was in college! Awesome!

I watched it last year and was kind of bored by it. I guess im biased cuz after watching the animated movie Prince of Eqypt and seeing how its much better told I cant get into Ten Commandments anymore. :shrug:

should be seen by every film student for early SFX
the animated Ten Commandments that came out about 3 years ago is a better film for kids, takes out the un-biblical love story & stuff and sticks pretty much to the way it was, and unlike Prince of Egypt acually shows Moses receiving the tablets from God

[quote="jakasaki, post:3, topic:237310"]
I'm 52 and I've watching it every year since I can remember.... :)


I know it but I prefer a movie from an even earlier time, 'King of Kings'. They showed this recently in St. Paul's Cathederal in London on a large screen with an organist playing a specially composed score for it. Fantastically powerful.

The 1956 version is one of my all time favorites even though it was released before I was born.

I did watch it many times on tv, and now own a copy on DVD. Much better to see it without commercials.

It’s a good film, it was on about one month ago.

My fav "Easter movie" is Heston's other great religious epic, Ben Hur...

I watch it, and/or Gibson's "The Passion", almost every Easter(but I didn't see it this year though as I was too busy and tired).

I really love how the Procession to Calvary was presented as a 'dance' in Ben Hur and that lovely little moment when Ben breaks through the crowd with the pitcher of water.

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