The testimony of the Apostles


I’ve heard it said that one reason to believe the testimony of the Apostles about Jesus is that they were martyered for what they proclaimed. Nobody dies for a lie. If the Apostles died because they refused to recant their claim that Jesus rose from the dead, that’s a pretty powerful reason to believe.

My question is this: what do we know about how the Apostles died? Is their any evidence of their martyerdom that would be accepted by people who don’t already believe in the resurrection to begin with?


Peter was crucified upside down in Rome.
Andrew his brother was crucified on an “X” shaped cross.
Thomas was martyred by a sultan in India.
James was martyred by Herod.
John died of natural causes (through no fault of his own and the only apostle to do so) though he was boiled in oil and miraculously saved.

I can’t remember any others off hand.

I do know that the ECF record the martyrdom of some of the apostles as well as Josephus and other historians.


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