The Thankfulness Thread

I thought it would be nice to start a thread on what some of us may be thankful to God for.

Feel free to also post recently answered prayer intentions.

I’m thankful to God for having a full stomach, a roof over my head, and good health :slight_smile:

What about you?

Thank you,
Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk

I am thankful that God saved me from 3 unsucessful suicide attempts. Also, extend-
His mercy and grace in bringing me back to the church 2 yrs ago after a 45 yr

I thank God for saving my daughter from surgery.

I thank God for keeping our family together.

I thank God for showing me this forum where many are praying for my intentions and I, in turn, have the chance to pray for them too.

Lord, I see Your hand in great things and small, and am awed by Your micro-management of my life. I ran into that lady from work just as she was verging on tears, and helped her, which helped me feel useful. And I got that assertiveness coaching just in time to help me gently challenge my angry friend to see anger held inside from being with a negligent family, and not me–helping us resolve conflict in a constructive way. And waking up in time for Mass when the alarm wasn’t set. Or getting waked up when I have things to do before work that makes my life go more smoothly. And seating that sick lady next to me so I could help her with health struggles I have faced. Delightful Lord, I wish to see Your hand more and more in my life and to thank You for granting me that capacity and wish You to enlarge it. “All things work together for good tho those who fear God and are called according to His purpose.” Do fulfill this in us, gentle Ruler.

Thank You, God, for my precious, precious, baby and for all my children.
Thank you for my hard working husband, who provides for and who loves me despite my craziness.
Thank You also for suffering, even if I wince everytime You wish to give it to me.

im thankful that i have a home when so many are homeless

and that i have food and some cash in my pocket when so many are starving and poor

im thankful that caf exists so that i have a place to come to interact and discuss countless topics with other believers in a way that you cant really do in the real world sometimes

I am thankful that after multiple surgeries, six months in and out of the hospital and three months in physical rehab center - that my dad is now home and is doing well! Thank you God. He recovey was in no small part to the prayers offered by many friends and family members. Thank you for this miracle!

Lord God, I thank you for the gift of your most beloved Son Jesus Christ. I thank you for the gift of your grace through the sacraments and the church. I thank you for this community of believers.

I am thankful to God that I have a wonderful husband who loves me and I him

Thankful he’s employed, we have a roof over our heads, hot meal on the table every night

Good family and friends

The one thing I am very thankful for is coming back to the CC eleven years ago. I am back home again!!!

God is good!!!:thumbsup:

I am thankful to God for creating, saving, redeeming, sustaining, guiding, nourishing, protecting, and comforting us.
I am also thankful for the Catholic Church and the Sacraments.
I am thankful for our Lord’s love, mercy, graces, and compassion.
I am thankful that He led me into His Church.
I am thankful for the people in my life; the opportunities I’ve been given; and the material goods I own.
I am thankful for what the Lord has done for me in the past; is doing for me in the present; and will continue to do for me in the future. :slight_smile:

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