The theory of evolution: how do you explain dog breeds?


Darwin was 22 when he boarded the “Beagle” to make his voyage of discovery. The name of the ship, “Beagle” appears in the opening paragraph of his “Origin of Species”.

A beagle is a breed of dog. Did beagles exist at Creation? No. They are man-made. How different is a beagle to a wolf? There is a great difference.

Are dachshunds like wolves? No. Are poodles like wolves? No.

If a wolf can be transformed into a sausage dog in a number of generations, it only goes to show that Darwin’s theory of evolution is closer to fact than fiction. If Darwin’s theory were fiction, the wolf would still be wolf.


Did the lion evolve into the house cat?


No. The wild cat was evolved into the domestic cat.


Did it shrink?


My sausage dogs shrank from being wolves…


My sausage dog thinks she is a wolf.


Little dog syndrome… Apparently smaller male dogs raise their legs higher to pee to compensate for their stature…


I think evolution accurately models a lot of the history of our planet, but I don’t think you’ll convince anyone here who already believes otherwise. Also, many can’t seem to separate the natural science part of evolution from certain atheist philosophies that some attach to it.

But on dogs, it is fascinating, no? And that’s only a few thousand years of artificial selection. Only hundreds, in some cases.

And it will be pointed out that dogs and wolves can still mate, however physically different some dogs look from wolves.


Specifically the African wildcat, and the resemblance is pretty clear:


And that, I think, was Darwin’s point. He wasn’t anti-Creation. But, dog breeds contradict the idea that all life now is as it was 5779 years ago when the world was created, according to Genesis.


It’s just magic.
Like the bacteria in hospitals that kills people cause it’s immune to standard antibiotics.
That’s magic too!
Organisms changing and evolving? That’s magic, there’s no explanation. (well, maybe you prefer the scientist conspiracy theory…)
Organisms just appear and change for no reason. Just look the other way, you don’t need science.


JeremiahB, even the most die-hard Creationists don’t dispute micro-evolution. What you have described does not explain how one species can evolve into another.

By the way, did you know that kale, collard greens, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower are all just different cultivated varieties of the same species from the mustard family? To say that they are of the same species means they are close enough to cross-pollinate and make new varieties, just like dogs.


At what point does one species start and another stop? How many would now classify a chiwawa a rat?


The line is usually drawn at the point that two related organisms can no longer interbreed.

Please research the topic.


I challenge you to try breeding a German shepherd with a chiwawa.


Mechanical factors are significant, but they don’t make it biologically impossible.


Strange that you are using Darwinian theory to prove your point.


Excuse me. I am not using Darwinian theory, whatever you mean by that.

By my previous post, I mean that a small male could mate with a large female, if she were willing or he were clever. That’s the mechanics of it. The egg and sperm are genetically similar enough that there would be offspring. That’s the biological end of it.


JeremiahB, here at CAF we have been over this for literally tens of thousands of posts. I suggest you look at the following threads, and if you still have unanswered questions, let’s hear them. This is only one fairly recent chain of threads. There are many more.

That’s 10,000 posts right there.


Lion: species panthera leo
Tiger: species p.tigris

Ligers and Tigons, interbred

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