The Thin Red Line

What is everybodys opinion on the war film, The Thin Red Line?

I guess it was a Christian film, if you watch the trailer.

A beautiful movie, and a poetry in motion. I thought James Caviezel did a superb job as the Christ figure in the movie. I was quite pleased when he was chosen to play Jesus Christ in The Passion…I see you are a trial member. I do hope you stay. Welcome, and God bless you!

I am hoping to stay :slight_smile:
But how do I stop being a trial member? I am new here!!

I watched that movie a few years ago…and I was bored. I didn’t know it was an allegory though. Maybe I’ll watch it again.

If you want to stop being a trial member, just keep posting. Info follows, dated 3/2/09. Welcome to CAF!

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I only watched the film because of Caviezel, I didn’t really notice any Christian theme in it, but I don’t usually notice too many things like that. I am now going to look up information about it now to see if the film did have a Christian theme to it!! Well it will make me want to watch the beautiful film again anyway!! Love Terrence Malick films!

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