the third commandment

so in the catechism, it is not expressly forbidden to work but it does say to take time to worship God and rest if possible. but then it goes on to say that traditional activities can be a ligitimate reason to work, these include sports and restaurants.

my question is, why is that different than regular work? those things are nonessential but still require people to work. if we do “traditional activitiers” such as sports, restaurants, movies, going to the zoo, even shopping (some people think that’s leisurely), we are contributing to the requirement of having employees aren’t we? is there a difference?

i’m just confused on how it’s written. if someone could help, that would be great. thanks

I know you want this to be black and white, but it just isn’t. You’ve posted numerous threads on this, three in the last day.

I suggest that you talk to your pastor. It sounds like you have some scrupulous tendencies perhaps, and therefore trying to get black and white answers on a message board is not the best approach.

I think sitting down with your pastor to work through your issues one-on-one in a dialog is a better approach for you.

Part of this lies in getting a better understanding of servile work and what is meant by that-- physical labor, that of servants.

I agree with 1ke. I will just add this:

In my mind there is a difference in the required daily chores required to keep a household running (cooking, washing dishes, and urgent tasks like repairing a broken water pipe) and those chores like mowing the lawn, washing the car, and painting the garage which can me done on another day.

A priest once told me that things like sports or charitable work that build up the family and our holiness or the Church are allowed.

Please seek the advice of a priest and certainly follow his advice over anything you read here.

I really believe what you are saying is if we did our part in following the word of God thing’s would be different and I agree with you.

For example if all Christians stuck together and REFUSED to shop at the mall on Sunday it would close.

Sometimes you have to use Sunday as a day of work, but others you don’t.

But going to the mall is never an emergency, where gas stations have to be open, some people must travel etc.

IT all went out of wack with human sin, the one called Greed. BIG business one beating the other to a buck.

But do we work because of Greed, or because we have to. Etc. It all comes down to being between you and God and doing your part to put him first.

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