The Third Miracle...have you seen the movie?

There is a movie with Ed Harris starring as a troubled, formerly on sabbatical, priest investigating a reported miracle involving a deceased lay woman and a statue of our Blessed Mother that weeps tears of blood. Anne Heche is in the movie and is the woman that gives the priest temptations of the flesh. Two miracles are accounted for in the movie and one is left pending… I love the movie myself…it is very moving in some parts. My thought up until now has been that the third miracle has always been the fact that the priest in question does not leave the vocation. A friend disagrees…anyone have any thoughts on this?

Every day is a blessing!

I rented it several years back. I recall that it was done well but I don’t remember all the details now. I thought it was going to be one of those movies that put the Church and faith in a bad light but I think it was pretty fair in it’s portrayal.

The third miracle is the one at the beginning of the movie. And I knew that the devil’s advocate was going to be the young soldier.

O.K. I can see that now…good movie! thanks…

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