The Third Secret of Fatima

As I have read many things concering the secret of Fatima. Ive come too this.

    The third secret has been put on the back burner, maninlly because,there alot

of fear if the Holy Father would push it.

First,rate now we have a good realation ship wiht the Orthodx in Russia.
Two, they fear somthing couild go wrong if we try too consecrate Russia
Three, IT seems that in the Vaction there are those who don,t want this too happen
Four, There are those that want Holy Father dead, because in would destrory the
power of the church.
Fifth,IN 1960 there was concern the Secret would fall into the wrong hands,restriction
on Sister Lucy,s ability to speak freely.
Seven As Pope JohnPaul the II’s REMINDER “Be NOT Afraid”

Pope John PAUL II"s spaeking said that OUR LADY had warn a worst war.

It was also said that Sister lucy was not allow at the consecrate in the year 2000’s

IT is also said that letters were sent to the Bishop by Sister Lucy but are lock up at

vatican in Rome. It,s all about fear what could hapen in they went threw with it.

All I know is that they ,want too forget it happen. The King of France was order though

ST Margaret Mary on June 17 change or France would suffer Now our Lord

told Sr Lucy IT wll Do, But it well be to late.


Fatima is over. The third secrect has been revealed and came to pass years ago, and Pope John Paul II consecrated Russia in the last century. Anything else you hear about it is from conspiracy theorists who are trying to keep it going for their own fun and profit.

JTB i don’t mean to be rude but it’s hard to make out what your saying. there is many people with doubts wether the third secret was revealed in it’s entirety or not.
personnaly i have doubts but all we can do ourselves is, the daily rosary, mass, the first 5 saturdays and spread the word of the brown scapular. in the cases of people who don’t believe try and give them green scapulars and say the prayer for them.
either way worrying wether or not the secret has been revealed in full is futile as there is nothing we can do to alter this othe than pray

I do not understand what you said in # 4. How could the Holy Father being killed destroy the power of the Church?

Many Holy Fathers are gone and the CHurch is still here:shrug: The RCC is led by the Power of the Holy Spirit not the Holy Father. He is only a Man with the Power of the Holy SPirit working through him. He can and has been replaced. But its always by the Power of the Holy Spirit that the RCC is led. Not the Holy Father.:shrug:

Also the Pope knew he would be shot, but he also knew he would not be killed.

Here is the rest of the big secret

Man’s future is in God not our money. We are all called to remain active and Responsible in spreading that truth to others. We must show them that Money and lust for money and power are nothing.

We must all do our part to bring back all of our Lost brothers and sisters of the Faith back to the Church. Without God there is no future for this world. That is what we are all called to do.

We must all pray to the Holy Spirit to show us our part in doing what is asked of us. It is only by God’s grace that we can be chosen, and by his Grace they we can be moved, and by his Grace that we can help to move others.

We have to come back to being a Country of Prayer, We must all turn back to God and his Church because without it we are doomed. God is merciful and patient and he is giving us time. But we must use this time to pray and do our best to help others and bring them to the light of God. Without him there is no Future.

I don’t believe this is accurate.

Sure he did! Think about it. He KNEW there would be an assassination ATTEMPT on his life.

sorry rinne but i have to agree with zab here. it talks about a bishop in white being killed.
pope john paul said it was the intervention of our lady that saved him.

I don’t know love, but let me check it out. I thought that he knew that he would have an attempt on his life. But I always thought he knew he would not die. But let me dig a little deeper. It may take me a little while, am kinda busy now, and gotta go, but will get back.

WHO IS IT? who said? where? what is your source for this drivel? the so called 3rd secret is old news, go on the Vatican website and read the truth why waste your time with these conspiracy theorists?

*Dear johnthebaptist1,
I am not sure were you are going with these statements but I have a few more thoughts to add.

Well, if this is correct and it is because of “fear” then I would sooner believe that the “fear” involved is driven because our Church’s Apostolic Leaders are not confident in us being able to put our trust in their Apostolic Leadership in guiding us through words and actions to understand God’s Divinely revealed Truths regarding all Faith and Morals.

*But it could be better. *

Yes I agree that something could go wrong. We could become like spoiled rotten children who always get their way when they throw enough of a tantrum. Even though their way could cause themselves harm and maybe even possibly kill them. I can not think of anything worse than spiritual harm or dying a spiritual death.

*Maybe that is because they are our Father and like a good father they want what is best for us. Maybe they are trying to get their children to grow and flourish in God’s Divinely revealed Truth and we just keep on challenging our Apostolic leaders like spoiled rotten belligerent children instead of trying to learn from them and their Apostolic leadership and guidance. *

I have to ask as some one else has on this thread. How would the Pope being killed destroy the Church? The way I see it, what is destroying the Church, is every time our Church’s Apostolic Leaders try to lead us into understanding God’s Divinely Revealed Truths regarding all Faith and Morals more deeply, more times than not, their Apostolic leadership and guidance is challenged instead of learned.

Can you imagine. If we are having such a hard time trusting in our Church’s Apostolic leadership in all faith and morals, since before Fatima and in regards to Fatima, if Sister Lucia had reveled the secrets into the wrong hands I believe she would have been lynched by the very same people who instead of accepting our Church’s Apostolic leadership and guidence but instead claim it to be too “liberal” and “modern,” "going against “Tradition” or just being said to be “political correct” to just “build bridges.”

So why do we not listen to him? Why do we not stop being afraid of our Church’s Apostolic Leaders in their leadership and guidance and start trusting them and accepting their teachings and guidance in all faith and morals? Most of all why do we not start trusting in God’s promise that the Gates of Hell will not prevail against His Church?

*So, maybe, if in respect and obedience to our spiritual Fathers we stop challenging our Apostolic Leaders in their leadership and guidance, in all faith and morals, and discipline ourselves doing penance and praying, then maybe this worst war will be Divinely and Miraculously avoided. *

*I also wonder who it might be. *

Do they really? I would sooner believe that they have been trying to get us to understand it. Maybe we just do not want to hear what our Apostolic Leaders are trying to tell us because they are not saying what we want to hear them say.

So then why indeed are we not conforming our hearts to Mary’s like God requested of us? Why do we not be like Mary and join her in saying “Thy Will be done to me according to Thy Word?”
I believe God’s Word is Jesus Christ. All Truth is revealed and fulfilled in Him. This Truth is what our Church is built upon. It is our Apostolic Leaders who lead and guide us into this Truth. They have years of Apostolic Traditions, Teachings, and Theologies behind them. Who am I to think I know better than them regarding God’s Divinely Revealed Truth?I would rather try to be like our most Holy Mother Mary, the Most Holy Theotokos, and let God’s Word prevail.

*Yes, may they all help us to trust God and His Divinely Revealed Truths as His Church’s Apostolic leaders try to guide us and lead us into the fullness of His Truth.

I suggest reading Fr. Malachi Martin on the third secret. He was a jesuit priest who was an excorcist and had actually read the third secret. For those who say the consecration of Russia has already taken place, maybe you are right. However even if you are right, what is wrong with consecrating Russia a second time again with all the bishops present just as Our Lady asked us to??

So anyone that questions anything is a conspiracy theorists. Some of our catholic saints could be call conspiracy theorists. Maybe if people would do some research for themselves, they might learn something.

not on whatever website OP is using

I don’t see a link for any website so I wouldn’t pass judgment to soon.

you can judge by what OP has stated he received from the mystery link he refuses to providee

Hi, What I read is that the Pope went to see Ali Agca in his jail cell. He was a professional assassin.

Now the Pope said that after he was shot he had a strange feeling he would survive. He said he had a strange confidence.

Now also may I add I totally agree with the Pope saying that it was the intervention of our lady that saved him. My Dad was big on intervention of the Blessed Mother and thats probally what made me so big on intervention from her also. I ask for her prayers for my Children at least 4 times a week. Thats if things are going good.:smiley: You could probally imagine when things are bad:eek:.

I will never forget my Dads words to me. No matter what happened (especially if my kids were giving me trouble, or heading for trouble these were my Dads exact words)

Quote. Go to the Blessed Mother, she understands your pain, NO ONE suffered pain like the Blessed Mother, she stood there and Watched her Son get Crucified on Tree, she will go to Jesus with you in your Prayers and ask him to help you) unquote, Its a family thing I guess.:smiley:

If you google the Message of Fatima you can find this.

The Vision of Fatima concerns above all wars against Christians and the Church.

The Little Shepherds clothed in White is the Pope who prays for all the faithful.

He does claim it was by the hand of our Lady that the bullet missed him. The bullet remained in the Jeep. It was found and the Pope later set it in the crown of the Statue of our Lady of fatima.

It led to the succcessive events of 1989. Both in the Soviet Union and a number of Easter Countries of Eastern Europe. It led to the fall of Communist regimes which promoted atheism.

It also led to the 3rd Part that the Pope revealed.

Brothers and Sisters let us thank the Lady of Fathima for her protection. To her Maternal Intercession let us entrust the Church of the Third Millenium.

That is why the RCC is called the Mother Church.:smiley:

like a poster mentioned, the consecration was done properly. sister lucia said, “heaven has accepted it” she would not lie about something like that. never. secondly, there is no conspiracy in Holy Mother Church to cover up the third secret. the third secret has been fully revealed by the Holy Father. so do not worry about alleged cover ups, conspiracies, and what others think sister lucia said. she herself has confirmed regarding the consecration of russia that heaven has accepted. so stop worrying, and concentrate on your faith, and living a life pleasing to Jesus. let Him take care of you.

TO the person that saids the third secret was read. Sorry but you need too do

some more foul up, and read how there,s another page of paper that Sister Lucy

wrote on ,that wasn,t revieled. If you read up on, you’ll find that the Pope had this

page lock up in his room. See there is four pages that Sister Lucie had written,not

three like there saying. The letter was suppose to be read in 1960 but for some reason

it was lock away, and was read later on by the cardinal who now is are POPE now.

Sister Lucie knew that he wasn,t reading the hold thing,so Sister Lucy was not allow

to say anything. It,s not over yet. GOD knows and OUR LADY will Triumph in the end.

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