The Third Way: a short film about the Church and homosexuality

By Fr. Hollowell. See it here:

Quite a film.

I teach 8th grade catechism. Recently one of my students asked “why does the Church hate gay people?”

Five years ago I would have given an acceptable, but insufficient, response. This movie would be useful in explaining this. Maybe not the complete answer, but getting closer to it.

Well that got some emotions going, and gave a lot to reflect on. I already understood the Church’s teaching, but the insight into the turmoil many people face cannot be ignored.

A film that all should watch and then examine your conscience. LOVE

Powerful and moving… I showed it to a Catholic friend who disagrees with the Church on this matter. Pray he may change his mind :gopray:

Wow. Very moving. I was especially moved by the former practicing lesbian with long curly hair. I was happy to see Melinda Selmys in it. Each witness made a powerful testimony.

This is a great production by Fr. John Hollowell, one among Courageous Priests I follow. If Fr. John happens to see this thread, congratulations!

I am glad this was posted. I watched it last night. It is worth viewing for everyone esp those who use slurs, albeit jokingly (West?).

Originally, Fr. Hollowell had planned to call it “Unnatural Law?” and when I heard he was changing the title, I was worried he was blunting the message, but after seeing it, it’s much better because it is so easy for Christians to adopt two extremes: On the one side, being so permissive that it is virtually granting unlimited sexual license, and on the other the Fred Phelps types. The Third Way is the correct one.

As a Catholic with same-sex attraction (or a “bisexual Catholic”, as the case may be), I liked this movie a lot. I was especially happy with the courage the filmmakers expressed in being critical of the Church, since we really have dropped the ball, in terms of compassion, here.

It was no coincidence that the leading apologists for Catholic sexual moral teaching were part of this. They, at least, realize that our failure to pastor gay people well is the single greatest obstacle facing the growth of the Church in America. Young people – gay or straight – care far more about this issue than any other issue. And rightly so: a Church without compassion is a Church without Christ.

But a Church without Truth is a Church without Christ, too.

Hence: the THIRD way. :thumbsup:

Thanks for posting this. Fantastic film. I will be sure to pass this along in a number of places.

The issue can be quite confusing in the media though. Liberals put down any slams on gays but they seem to make the most jokes about them, like on SNL. I know it’s an easy laugh but kids get a mixed message.

It’s the same with black people. Libs make jokes about them as well and then say it’s wrong for anyone to put them down. Maybe it’s lib’s idea they can do it because they get a pass for some reason. Like deep down those groups know they are supporting them, but are they really? The same people who think they get a pass for making jokes jump on others who do what they do. That should be a hint for them to stop it.

:thumbsup: Thanks for your thoughts on this.

You know I was actually thinking about this the other day. That is, how often a gay person is shown as effeminate comic relief. I don’t know a single person like that, and there are several people in my life who are homosexual. I was also thinking about how even with the widespread acceptance, how slang terms for homosexuality are still thrown around in a derogatory way. It just seems to me that even a lot of people who claim to be supportive of the lifestyle are only doing it because of their own image, and that as a society we still have an incredibly long way to go in terms of truly understanding and loving our brothers and sisters with ssa.

This is a great film to show people who think that the church hates them or agrees with homosexuality. More people should see this. Pass it on.

love it. I really appreciate the Truth of the Faith. While I was struggling with my own tendency, the only thing that calmed me is the catechism of the Catholic Church on Homosexuality. It all makes sense…:smiley:

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