The Three Stooges

Just saw the three stooges movie and while it had some funny moments they do seem to go out of their way to make fun of nuns and while it’s PG I wouldn’t have kids see the movie…The stooges themselves were funny but the hollywood libs making fun of nuns was too over to top for me…buyer beware :shrug:…: The Catholic League has more on it

I thought the trailers with the nuns were offensive. I will take a great big pass on that movie. Too bad, the Stooges deserved better. :frowning:

The HLN movie reviewer was talking about it this morning and said that at 90 minutes, it was about 3x too long.

I recently saw the 2000 TV movie The Three Stooges (starring Michael Chiklis as Curly), and I really enjoyed it. It is a fictionalized story of the careers of the Stooges as a group. It is available on some of the streaming services.

Sure would be nice if Hollyweird could come up with an original idea every now then :rolleyes:

The HLN movie reviewer was talking about it this morning and said that at 90 minutes, it was about 3x too long.

I saw that too. They showed a short trailer of the Stooges at some kind of party. Moe ducked Curly’s head in a large bowl and he came out with a lobster attached to his nose. Etc etc. Ten minutes of this should be enough to drive viewers out of the theatre.

If they’d painted the classic Stooges slapstick over some funny situations, it might have worked, but the slapstick alone is too much to take for 90 minutes.

Betcha it’s in DVD in two weeks.

Not that I was a huge Stooges fan to begin with, that’s a pretty big reason why I won’t see this movie. Ever. Seems Catholicism is the only thing you can slam in this PC world of ours today. Jews, blacks, gays, and asians, are all protected from slander and attack VERY viggorously (for the record, we should all treat each other as Christ taught us) but where’s the outrage over Catholic bashing? Is it possible we’re too passive about this? Thoughts?

The Church is always gonna have haters…We’re the New York Yankees of religion…long, cherished and rich tradition with a broad following but many haters from different circles…The good news is we are not going anywhere anytime soon…I want to thank the Good Lord for making me a Catholic…

Good post. The haters are frustrating sometimes. As far as I can tell, we’re not bashing anyone, but everyone else wants to take their shots. Too bad we don’t have a ‘lobby’ in congress like the ADL or JDL. At least nothing anyone takes seriously. Maybe we should.

Yup. Longtime Stooges fan too.

Another longtime Stooges fan chiming in. I will NOT be seeing the movie. I haven’t joined the Catholic Church…yet, but nevertheless, the obvious Catholic-bashing in the 3 Stooges movie not only breaks my heart, but strengthens my resolve to not support ‘art’ that denigrates the Body of Christ-the Church.

Took my kid to the movie this afternoon as he wanted to see it and there was NO Catholic bashing in the movie, just one grouchy old nun in the orphanage. As others have said, the slpackstick stuff got old very fast, that said the plot was very good.

What about the Nun in the ultra-sexy swinsuit?:confused::shrug:

Just asking.


The plot looked like a rip off of “The Blues Brothers” movie.

I agree.

Apparently that scene was only in the trailer. Of course it could still be a deleted scene on the dvd.

That may have been pushing the limits, I personally didn’t find it offensive.

My brother-in-law saw the movie. The scene with the swimsuit-clad ‘nun’ is toward the end of the movie. Outside of the ‘gratuitous sleaze’ aspect, don’t y’all think it is an insult to women who have devoted their entire being to Christ’s service?

The best I can say for that scene is that at least it was very brief; the bikini-clad nun was only visible for a few seconds in passing. At least they didn’t make it a central part of the scene. I guess?

Who am I kidding? It was completely uncalled for.

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