The time for dialogue within Anglicanism ?is over,' says leading African prelate [CWN]

The primate of the Anglican Church of Kenya, who chairs a global network of conservative Anglican leaders, said that he would accept the Archbishop of Canterbury’s invitation to meet …


Interesting to see him change track and decide to come to Archbishop’s meeting. As I recall several of the African leaders had said they wouldn’t come initially. I would be interested in hearing his reasoning for changing position. I mean as far as I’ve seen publicly nothing has changed out Archbishop Welby’s base proposition that the Anglican communion move away from a web of interconnected national churches descended from the Church of England in communion with each other and Canterbury to a web of churches simply in communion with Canterbury.

The Global South Primates attendance was partially predicated on the attendance of the ACNA Primate, and his having a satisfactory role to play there. ++Beach will attend. Hence the Global South will at least appear. What will eventually eventuate remains to be seen. Speculations have been speculated by folks who do that sort of thing. As here:

Motleydom may have reached maximum.

Yeah that’s why I was a little surprised he changed track. The ACNA was invited from the outset so it’s not like that was a change. Hopefully he realized it was a little odd to bow out of the meeting when the ACNA had already been invited over.

As for Motleydom as you call it, I have a feeling Welby’s proposal will move the needle on whatever the maximum is for the Anglican Communion. That is unless the Global South ultimately decide to break from Canterbury completely (in which case they wouldn’t actually be part of the Anglican communion anymore).

I heard it differently. And how ++Beach will interact is not yet announced. But whatever the story, the endings are not yet known. And certainly what you say is possible.

Motley is the word, as I oft have said.

It’s very likely that GAFCON primates will not ever be in the same room as the TEC and ACoC, so it could be argued that they really didn’t change their position.

We really don’t know what was said in Cairo either, but I don’t think that matters much. I think A.S. Haley is right on the money with what he wrote on his blog. It’s going to split, and the minority revisionists will retain control of all the things named “Anglican”.

So the majority orthodox will have to create a new organization, and by the way the CoE is going, will probably not even have the name “Anglican” in it.

I wonder what the new name would be. Is “Western Orthodox” taken?

I agree with the major points. But I predict nothing. Save that it will be motley, overall.

I do not know much about the current Archbishop of Canterbury but are you saying that he would like to see a more centralized church, like there being one single Anglican church that covers the whole world?

No it seems his proposal is quite the opposite. Rather than Anglican churches being in union with each other and Canterbury as is now, they would instead be unified only in their communion with Canterbury alone. They would still all remain independently governed as now but it would remove the somewhat forced meshing of the more conservative GAFCON churches and the more progressive North American and European churches save the COE of course allowing them to remain tied with Canterbury while not necessarily agreeing on all points of theology.

I think GAFCON is going to have none of that. If the CoE remains in communion with TEC and ACoC, I think they walk. There’s just no reason to remain with Canterbury if they refuse to impose any discipline on the revisionists.

How is that different from what is the current structure of Anglicanism?

Which is to say, they likely hike.

We shall see.

Doesn’t seem that different actually if we’re talking de facto. This would really just codify it that the only thing linking Anglican churches is shared ancestry. That said, if I had to guess the GAFCON provinces will walk in the end even with this on the table. They are being given the ability to propose things for this meeting and it seems a request for some kind of sanctions for TEC and ACoC is number 1 on their list. Which I highly doubt the COE will be down with seeing as they’re more or less in line with what the North American provinces have been doing.

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