The Todah

Scott Hahn made a comment that in Chronicles David brought out bread and wine as well as the meat to offer a thanksgiving meal in order to display a foreshadowing of the Eucharist.

I don’t see where he got wine from when he specifically referred to 1 Chronicles chapter 16Anybody know much about the Todah and a source that says wine is involved?

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I suppose they had to drink something…

A good article from Dr. Tim Gray

Thanks Crumpy. I read that article too; he doesn’t mention where it is written that wine must be inclusive in the Todah.

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The Todah is established in Leviticus 7 and is a loaf offering. There are lots of different examples throughout the OT, David’s being significant because he established that it would be offered in perpetuity.

“brought out bread and wine” makes me think that Scott may have inadvertently been mixing David’s offering with that of Melchizedek where that phrase appears.*

However, if you go to Numbers 28-30 you will see that there was a provision for a “libation” or wine offering associated with each of the various offerings - different amounts of wine depending upon what animal was being sacrificed. So it is reasonable to conclude, since David distributed meat as well as bread and raisin cake, that there would have been wine.

*OP didn’t indicate in what setting Scott made the comment, but it’s worth remembering that most of the recordings of his talks were made live, and any of us that does public speaking know that there are times when you misspeak, even if you’re working from a prepared text. We’ve all referred to a person by the wrong name, or cited the wrong reference, or, yes, combined things from memory that are actually separate.

I don’t think there’s an association between the todah offering and wine–it’s an offering of leavened bread.

Also, the quote from the Gray article is from a source (Pesikta de Rav Kahana) that appears 500-700 years after the institution of the Eucharist–and Gray doesn’t say where he’s getting much of the rest of his information. Seems like a stretch.

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