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Does anyone have any reviews of the program Called “Total Transformation” by James Lehman??? It is a program that helps paremnts with kids that have Oppisitional Defiance disorder. I have a son that is 6 years old who has this problerm. My wife and I were thinking about purchasing it, however it is quite expensive (in excess of $300.00) and I would like some independent reviews of this product before I buy it. I have tried to google reviews for it, but there arn’t many.

If you have any information I would appreciate it.

God Bless!!!


Before you try that… aren’t there Tough Love support groups nationwide? I don’t know if they are free, but I think they are. I think they are basically based on the same ideas.

BTW, are you sure he has ODD? Has he been diagnosed by a qualified child psychologist or psychiatrist?

Hmmmmm… after doing a search, it seems I can’t find anything about the Tough Love support groups. I thought they were in communities as parent-to-parent support. Perhaps look in your phone book? Though, it seems that the approach is more geared to teens… though the Total Transformation program is marketed that way too.

Maybe a good therapist is more in order at this age.


Answered your question on your other thread, but in case this is the only one that you check, here is the link for a Total Transformation Program review.


If you haven’t already purchased TTT I have a different recommendation.

I’ve seen my nieces using ”Parenting with Love & Logic” by Foster Cline, Jim Fay with their children and I’m very impressed. One of my nieces had a very defiant child, so defiant that no one wanted to be around this child, and certainly no one would baby-sit this incorrigible child. The mom was constantly getting calls from the teacher and was at her wits end of what to do.

I’ve since seen my niece completely turn her child’s behavior around by using Love & Logic. I never would have thought that child had a chance until I saw it with my own eyes. She is now a delight to be around.

My niece explains that Love and Logic parenting teaches children to be responsible for their own behavior and teaches them from a young age to make choices in their best interest.

She first learned about it through some friends, and she bought the above-mentioned book. Later she found a Love & Logic parenting class/support group that met once a week for a couple of hours.

Here’s what they say at their website:

Love and Logic is a philosophy of raising and teaching children which allows adults to be happier, empowered, and more skilled in the interactions with children. Love allows children to grow through their mistakes. Logic allows children to live with the consequences of their choices. Love and Logic is a way of working with children that puts parents and teachers back in control, teaches children to be responsible, and prepares young people to live in the real world, with its many choices and consequences.

The concepts behind Love and Logic place a heavy emphasis on respect and dignity for children and at the same time allows parents to grasp simple approaches instead of learning difficult counseling procedures.

They do have materials specific for ODD:

We recommend the following products for helping children with special needs:
Hope for Underachieving Kids - DVD
Calming the Chaos - 3 CD set
Winning the Homework Battle - CD
Angry and Oppositional Students - 3 CD set
Meeting the Challenge - book
Developing Character in Teens - CD

anyways…I know this sounds like an ad, but I have no part in it, I don’t even have one of their books, I’ve just observed how well it’s worked in my own family and now highly recommend it, plus you can do it for the cost of a book.


I would look into Dr. Ray Guarendi.

From his web page!
Dr. Ray Guarendi is a father of 10, clinical psychologist, author, public speaker and radio host. His radio shows ― “On Call™ with Dr. Ray and Friends” and “The Doctor Is In” ― can be heard weekdays. Please see our radio affiliate listings (Ave Maria Radio, EWTN Radio & Relevant for a station in your area. You can also listen live online or on Sirius satellite radio, channel 160.

I am not a fan of love and logic. It’s one more gimic.


Actually, i did found many reviews about the total transformation program on the internet. There is one such site that gives a sneak preview of the total transformation program. I have gone through some of the audio/video lesson previews and am having thoughts of committing to a purchase soon. Yes, i do agree that 300 is rather high, but if it’ll help me with my older kid (turning 4 in 3 months), who is showing signs of defiance, i am willing to go ahead.


Catholic parents, it makes sense to to first to CATHOLIC experts.

Those are some places to begin.


We used the Total Transformation for our son when he was about 11 and acting like a complete jerk. I can’t tell you how beneficial it was, not for him per se, but for us. I downloaded the CDs onto my IPOD and listened to them over and over again. My husband did the same. We talked about the lesson and learned together how to respond to our son.

Yes, it’s expensive. But I think it’s totally worth every cent. If anything, he walks you through how to discipline your child. I found it comforting that so many of the situations that he described were applicable to us.

I’ve leant the program to a bunch of friends and so far, each one has said that it has changed the dynamics of their family. The thing is, you have to be pretty desperate to want to do it, and it does work.


I grew up going to church with Foster Cline and can certainly attest that the love and logic stuff works. He's also a super nice guy and incredibly intelligent when it comes to child behavior!

I did find another review of the total transformation if the original poster is still interested. Seems like there is no shortage of them now!!

Best of luck!


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