The Transgender Movement and Regular Folks

Wasn’t sure exactly where to post this, as there isn’t a “Cultural Insanity” Forum. And it’s not really new, but still news, I think, in an ongoing fashion. We’ll see. I find it tragically funny and darkly illuminating, if not morbidly vital.

Transgenderism? Transexuality? No more insane than, transspecism, transracial or transabalists.

My preferred pronoun is “The One”.

LOL! Sometimes laughing is all you can do in the face of madness or death.


A few weeks ago, my daughter (a coach) was at a figure skating competition with her students, and the locker room monitor in the girls’ locker room was a man. He was not a transgender man (formerly a female). He was a man. Watching little girls and teenagers and adult women changing.


My daughter, like many coaches, did not want to speak against this, as coaches who register complaints get reputations as troublemakers, and the judges may find out about it and then the coach always wonders if her competitors were penalized in some way at competitions because of their coach’s “mouthiness.”

If I had been there as the parent of a girl, I would have complained big time! Reputation–who cares?!! A man should not be the monitor in a women’s/girls’ locker room!!!

I hope someone spoke up. But nowadays, a rink can probably get sued for “sexism.”

I guess the time is coming when asexual robots will be monitoring the locker rooms.

By the way, so much for SafeSport. They’ll go after a coach on the say-so of one person, and take away that coach’s privileges to even enter his/her sporting venue, let alone coach (which deprives the coach of his/her livelihood), and they’ll destroy that coach’s reputation without saying what he/she actually is accused of (child rape is quite different that making a suggestive comment to a 17-year old), and allow rumors to run rampant throughout that coach’s sporting venue and population, and impose such heavy and vague regulations on sports that many clubs and teams can’t possibly interpret them and follow them all…but they’re OK with a male monitor in a female locker room where under aged females are disrobing, showering, and changing.


Unbelievable I think the threat of a class action lawsuit by the parents would bring this practice to a sreeching halt.


I think the devil is in the details. Is he monitoring the inflow/outflow more as a gate keeper, or is he inside actually watching them strip to their birthday suits. I seriously doubt it’s the latter.

I work with teens in a juvie diversion program and sometimes I’m alone with a girl, but they use a shower room with a door. They go into the shower room with their clothes on and come out clean and wearing fresh clothes

This is what Peeps said. Perhaps Peeps will clarify.

Anyway, I’m curious to know what people think of the article and the author’s points that it is a relatively small, elitist group that is foisting all this on the public, and that the public isn’t really understanding or going along with it unless they’re forced (which sounds like tyranny, to me).

This “The One?”NeoTheMatrix

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Metal frames with curtains divided the different changing areas (the skaters are assigned to different areas). The monitor faces the curtains–that’s the point–they are supposed to keep an eye on the skaters and make sure that the skaters leave when they are supposed to leave so that the next group can enter the dressing room.

In the past (when women were the monitors), the skaters could pass from the curtained area to the bathroom and then back to the curtained area–and they did this often, as girls have a tendency to have to go to the bathroom at the last possible minute!. But this arrangement with a male monitor meant that if they did this, they could be in a state of undress (e.g. tops of dresses down so that they could more easily use the potty).

If it makes a difference, my daughter said that the man looked gay, but really, how can anyone tell? She certainly was aware that she was just guessing. There are straight men who have “delicate” looks and wear clothes that are kind of in-between male/female. And a monitor for an ice skating competition will be wearing a jacket (cold back there, even in the locker rooms), so who can tell.

And just because a man is gay doesn’t mean he should have access to watching partially-dressed little girls, teens, or women, at least I don’t think so, at least not in the amateur world of sport. In the professional world of sport or arts, I don’t have a problem with a gay man in the dressing rooms with females, and I don’t think most females have a problem with it, either.

If the male is inside the dressing room door period, that’s flat out wrong. No Catholic or even public school in America would allow this. Even males subbing for female PE teachers report to the boys locker room and then meet their classes outside or in the gym.
Do these folks want to get sued? Sure sounds like it.

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Not a school.

And SafeSport is on the watch, so everything must be OK, right? (If I had a barfing emoji, I would insert it after that sentence.)

Your employer requires you to be alone with minor girls? And you’re a man?

I know it’s not a school, just using schools as a common example. I work in public schools, and try to follow Virtus-type guidelines in my own behavior. Female teachers often don’t seem to understand why I’m so vigilant about it.

Apparently your male monitor is unaware of his legal exposure.

We try to have two on staff but sometimes one is sick. Staff pass stringent background checks. The biggest risk is really false allegations.


False allegations, exactly. And men have to be much more concerned about those than women. That’s just how it is.

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So it’s an inconvenience but privacy is preserved, and there are plenty of witnesses on hand. Obviously a female monitor would be better all around in that situation. You’d think they could get volunteers to fill the role.

I’d even guess there are more moms than dads at these events? Yet they have to get a male volunteer? What man volunteers for such a role?

I agree.

If I were that man, I would have refused. Just last week one of the figure skating coaches committed suicide after being barred from entering a rink (by SafeSport, not by the law) after being accused of “something.” (SafeSport won’t specify what horrible thing he actually did.)

And we currently have a beloved older coach (almost 80) who was accused and is currently banned from the sport that he has been part of for most of his life. Last year, the rink administrators called for everyone who has been abused by him to come forward, and so far, no one has come forward except for the 2 young women who originally accused him. Meanwhile, the coach has hundreds of supporters on a Facebook page that his grown children started, and I personally hope he wins the case against him and sues the pants off SafeSport for destroying his life.

So if I were a man, I would never, ever allow myself to be put into a place where I might be accused of something nasty.

There have been other figure skating competitions that could not be held because there were no monitors, and if I were him, I would have forced the issue. There were plenty of skating moms sitting in the stands, and as long as they were cleared by SafeSport, they could be in the locker room.

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We also have cameras on the walls in that facility, but I’m not sure if they are active. I think even the perception of them does help though. We are very strict about personal space and no touching.

I’ve only had one allegation made against me, in a foster group home. A teen grabbed a hot pan off the stove to steal food and later claimed my hand touched her arm as I was trying to get the hot pan away from her. A lot depends on the kid, some have a history of making allegations and you always try to work in pairs around them.

Of course the biggest controversy surrounding “transgender” in sports is biological men competing as women, sometimes seriously physically harming their opponents.

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