The trend with comedians

I am fast becoming annoyed with comedy festivals and the like.

I watched “The Great Debate” on tv it was comedy based.
It is apparent “Anti God” jokes and anti christian jokes have copped the brunt of comedians.
It really does offend me and get under my skin. I do believe I will boycott comedians in concert and on t.v.

What is so awful about God and Christians that make comedians do this? I really fail to understand.:confused:


When something scares people, usually something they don’t understand, yet feel threatened by, a good tactic to make it seem less scary is to make fun of it, and to tear down other peoples’ view of it. If they didn’t see a threat in Christianity and God to their current lifestyles, then they would ignore us. But they instead feel threatened by Christ’s call to change their lives, to give up their sinful ways. They don’t want to think that some of the things they do are sinful, and they don’t want anyone else to think they’re sinning, either. So they make fun of Christianity.

Yeah I see this alot and cant stand it. I watch comedy central alot when they have stand-up comedians on, and Im appaulled most of the time and end up changing the channel due to the vile sex jokes and attacks on Christianity, but more specifically the Catholic Church. There are a few out there that are genuinely funny, and dont need to resort to disgusting and hateful humor.

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