The Tridentine Manifesto

Here’s a cool link showing how you can sign a petition to support the freedom of the Tridentine Latin Mass. This is exciting. I hope the pope frees the Latin Mass soon!

In French of all the names who signed it:

:thumbsup: :slight_smile: I’m so happy!!!

That’s really nice, but the bishops of the world now control the Conciliar church. And they simply will NOT allow the Traditional Latin Mass, even in the modernized 1962 form.

I did not find a link to “sign” the petition, however you can send an email to

I don’t think signing petitions will do much, honestly. The Church is not a democracy. The pope’s authority doesn’t depend on whether or not the laity like him or not. He is already well aware of the situation with the liturgy, and will do what is best for the Church at the proper time.

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